General building products – March 2021

General building products – March 2021


SuDS, geocellular structures, blue/green roof design, and design requirements for commercial drainage are just some of the subjects that will be addressed in the ACO 2021 webinar series. All of the seminars are free to attend and are suited to those looking to refresh their knowledge of drainage applications.


With a formulation that is 99.9% free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Dulux Trade’s Airsure range includes Airsure Diamond Matt and Airsure Vinyl Matt. VOCs are chemicals used in the production of a wide range of products that vaporise and are emitted into the air. Removing them helps to improve indoor air quality.


The complete Safeguard condensation range comprises: Dryzone 100 Mould Killer Kit, Dryzone Mould-Resistant Paint, Dryzone Mould-Resistant Paint Additive, Stormdry EP Board, Ultrotherm IWI tiles, plus a selection of extractor and Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) fans. The Dryzone Mould Elimination Kit utilises Mould Eliminator for the near instant removal of the black mould and staining, whilst Mould Preventer is a sterilising agent that kills the remaining mould spores and hyphae and prevents regrowth for extended periods, and without salt residues.


HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab is a powerful trade-strength adhesive for use on a wide range of materials. Suitable for all vertical and full surface bonding applications, the material can be used when bonding shower wall panels, splash backs and cladding tiles. The product is also appropriate for bonding tile on tile and stainless steel.


There’s antibacterial finishes, and glass designs available in the Mermaid shower panels portfolio. Easier to fit than tiles, with no grouting required, and less messy, they don’t need a specialist installer and can be cut to size on site, as well as fitted over virtually any existing surface. Moisture and humidity doesn’t affect acrylic, glass, laminate, or composite Mermaid bathroom panels and therefore the possibility of mildew or mould creeping in is eliminated.


It’s the R-32 refrigerant in the Daikin Altherma 3 M which offers higher performance and energy efficiency, while reducing CO2 emissions. The unit can also be controlled remotely via the recently updated Daikin Residential Controller App with voice assistant feature.

The compact one fan set-up means the outdoor unit can fit perfectly under a window.



A new suite of underfloor heating (UFH) controls has been launched by Continal Underfloor Heating. The Quantum range is compatible with the Amazon Echo Alexa and comprises a stylish digital thermostat and simple-to-use rotary dial thermostat, both available in wired and wireless versions, as well as a hub that allows all the products to be linked to the Smart Home app and the property’s internet connection.


 A new addition to the modern stainless steel units from Leisure Sinks has arrived in the shape of the Eaton inset collection. Boasting a satin bowl finish and bright drainer, there are two inset models available, each featuring striking lines and softly curved bowls. The single bowl EA9501 is manufactured from 0.6mm 18/10 stainless steel and measures 950 x 508mm. It has a generous main bowl size of 420 x 350 x 150mm, with the option of a left- or right-handed drainer.



The contemporary styling of the existing SmartCare range, but with an easy-to-use lever handle – that’s how AKW is describing its SmartCare Lever easy-to-use shower. Designed with visual impairments and dexterity- and mobility-issues in mind, the unit can be quickly and seamlessly retrofitted, without any re-tiling required.


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