General building products – April 2021

General building products – April 2021


Originally offering a range of wood fillers and tapes under the Filltite and Hippo brands respectively, the Tembe DIY & Building Products portfolio now includes carpet protectors, tapes, sealants, adhesives and glues. Hippo Pro 3 was launched in 2014 to compete in the developing hybrid sealant and adhesive market and, as part of its ambition to move customers away from single use plastic cartridges to a more environmentally-friendly alternative, there’s a range of 14 foils available within the adhesive, filler and sealant categories.


It’s never been easier to address the fundamentals of flood protection thanks to Designing for Flood Resilience and Resistance from Safeguard Europe. The two main approaches to tackling flooding are water exclusion and water entry strategies – also known as flood resistance and resilience respectively – and this guide looks at how to protect properties deploying both techniques.


A single storey extension in Surrey now features a Sieger Slim Sliding Door and Slim Casement Windows. Both the doors and windows achieve minimal sightlines, maximise natural light within the home whilst forging a stronger connection between the interior spaces and nature. Aluminium framed steel look glazing has all the advantages of steel glazing but has slimmer framing and requires less maintenance.


Having entered the market in 2018 with its cold asphalt solution Red Stag Materials is expanding its product line to include a range of road maintenance supplies. EZ Street asphalt is a weather-resistant, cold-patch, pothole solution that cuts costs and increases efficiency. That’s joined by a wide variety of paving products, ranging from cut-off saws, asphalt release agents, bitumen remover, limestone chippings, thermoplastic line roll and dust suppressant equipment in the form of portable pressurised bottles.


Builders can banish the sounds of overhead footsteps, televisions, music or voices with Oscar Acoustics. The Oscar Iso-Mount range of isolating acoustic hangers reduces the transmission of noise from the room above. Fast and simple to install, the Iso-Mount Type1 and Type2 are designed to tackle the problem of noise transfer between floors and ceilings in any space, from houses, flats and apartments to offices, shops and restaurants.


With more people at home air quality is a bigger issue than ever. The Airthings House Kit gains insights into the air being breathed in a property. This multi-room kit includes Wave, a smart radon detector with temperature and humidity sensors, Wave Mini, with mould risk indicator and sensors which measure airborne chemicals (VOCs), temperature and humidity and a Hub, which brings everything online for anytime, anywhere, on-demand access.


There’s two new rooflight types in the Cantifix hydraulically operated range. Functionality options in include 90° opening on a hinged version, for easy access, with a pop-up style product opening on six hydraulic arms for safe and secure ventilation. The range now includes pop-up, hinged and sliding rooflights along with motorising complete glass enclosures.



Leading ventilation expert Vent-Axia, has supplied a Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic High Flow Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit to a 3,000sq ft. self-build smart home in County Down, Northern Ireland. Chosen to provide quiet, energy efficient and effective ventilation and heat recovery, the owners have also monitored its effect on their indoor air quality (IAQ), with significant improvements recorded compared to their previous accommodation.


Waterproof wall panels manufacturer, Fibo, and wet room floor manufacturer, On The Level, have proven just how waterproof their products are. The two companies created a mini model to simulate a wet room environment, which was filled with water and left for 60 days. Upon returning to site two months later, there were absolutely no leaks, no signs of water damage, delamination or bubbling. To view a video of the test enter the rdr link below direct into your browser.


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