ForgeFast Screws

ForgeFast Screws

Thanks to a commitment to continued product research and development, ForgeFix is setting a new standard in fastening performance.

In independent tests, the new screws outperformed most other premium screws on the market in areas such as drive-speed, cam-out reduction, corrosion resistance, shear prevention and even environmental protection.

The new screws will be sold under the brand name, ForgeFast. They will also be positioned as ‘elite performance screws’.

Mike Pollard, product manager at ForgeFix, explains: “The screws within the ForgeFast range set a new benchmark in so many areas of fastening performance that it made sense to position them in a new performance category.

“Elite performance screws will help the trade to recognise that there are premium screws – and then there are screws which can deliver even higher performance levels.”

The new ForgeFast screws owe their exceptional capabilities to a rich array of features. This includes reinforced countersunk necks, angled or inset lobes, double cutting or sharp points, and anti-friction or self-drilling threads.

Some premium screws enjoy similar features but not in the same impressive combinations or engineered to the same high standards.

The new ForgeFast screws also benefit from ForgeFix’s proprietary Elementech 400 coating. This coating, which has been salt spray tested to 400 hours, gives the new screws their exceptional weather resistance and lasts up to six times longer than more commonplace zinc coatings.

Elementech is also free of CR6 (hexavalent chromium) which remains widely used as a coating despite being potentially toxic and implicated in the development of lung and other cancers.

Both Pozi and Torx head screws are available under the ForgeFast brand and in sizes ranging from 3.0×12 to 6.0×240. The new ForgeFast Torx head range replaces ForgeFix’s existing TorxFast screw and builds on the already considerable features and success of that product.

Concluding, Mike Pollard adds: “The introduction of the new ForgeFast range represents an exciting new development not just for ForgeFix, but for the industry as a whole.

“ForgeFast screws genuinely break new ground with their performance. As such, we’re confident they will prove a popular choice with users and also with stockists due to their ability to deliver strong and sustained sales.”

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