Exterior paints from Zinsser

Exterior paints from Zinsser

Decorators in need of exterior paints can check out Zinsser AllWeather Exterior Masonry Paint and Zinsser AllCoatExterior (Solvent-Based).

Zinsser AllWeatherExterior Masonry Paint forms a low-maintenance, water shedding, tough finish that is showerproof in 20 minutes and can be applied in temperatures as low as -5oC.

Once applied, it offers protection to bare or previously painted exterior concrete, render, stone and masonry. AllWeather contains a biocide that protects the dried coating against fungal degradation giving a long-lasting stain and moisture-resistant finish, designed to resist cracking, peeling and blistering.

In many instances, AllWeather Exterior Masonry Paint is self-priming and will bond to existing paints without sanding, so for many refurbishing jobs there is no need to purchase a separate primer. After removing existing mould and mildew, two coats of AllWeather Exterior Masonry Paint will ensure that any exterior looks bright and beautiful for years. Available in white, black and a selection of bases that can be tinted to any colour.

For other substrates, including outdoor wood, metal, masonry, plastic, concrete and cladding, Zinsser AllCoat Exterior (Solvent-Based)silicon alkyd formula forms a low maintenance, water-shedding coating that is touch-dry in three hours, even drying in low temperatures down to 5°C.

It is available in satin and gloss.


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