Dassy workwear for painters and plasterers

Dassy workwear for painters and plasterers

DASSY D-FX FLEX workwear is now available in painters’ edition.

Tradesmen and women wearing white on the job can choose the new Dassy range specifically for painters, decorators and plasterers. The work trousers are made from a fabric with mechanical stretch, and have 4-way stretch Cordura inserts in strategic areas. Also, knee pocket trousers are reinforced with Cordura Stretch fabric.

The trousers also have a completely new leg pocket that is specifically designed for painting and plastering tools, such as pocket knife or pencil and more specific tools such as a putty knife, paint and dust brush.

The Cordura on the pocket makes it extra sturdy and more resistant against sharp objects like a painter’s spatula. Moreover, its smooth surface also ensures that you can store and take out tools more easily.

The new range of white/anthracite grey workwear is available for men and women.

dassy workwear

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