DI-WHY? 4th March 2020

DI-WHY? 4th March 2020

The first DI-WHY? submission this week is a celebration of gaffer tape.

It was sent in by @RuffToolsLtd on Twitter, who said: “Gaffer tape. It has a dark side, a light side, and holds the universe together… and seemingly a broken double socket.”

Also this week, Craig Wing on Facebook sent us these beauties. He said: “6mm cable casually wrapped around each other and locked in with expanding foam… this was running a 2 gang socket on a 40A breaker marked up on fuseboard as ‘cooker’.”

If you spot any examples of DIY-gone-wrong or bodged jobs like these, please do send them in to us on probuildonline@gmail.com or  tag us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

All submissions that we use will get a limited edition DI-WHY? sticker!

di-why sticker

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