Additions to Maincor’s range of mechanical fittings

Additions to Maincor’s range of mechanical fittings

The mechanical fittings from Maincor promise to significantly reduce installation times.

Made from high quality brass, Maincor compression fittings for joining Flextra Pipe and making building connections feature two bolts – one for opening the fitting and one for tightening it on to the pipe, which Maincor says guarantees ease of installation.

Minimising the potential for human error and significantly reducing fitting times while never compromising on safety, Maincor connectors from 32mm and above are made with a clamping sleeve. Creating huge pressure to the joint, this simple but extremely effective solution makes it impossible for the pipe to slide out of the connector.

With the joint between the pipe and connector always stronger than the pipe alone, choosing Maincor compression fittings for pipework installation is said to ensures fitters can work efficiently and with peace of mind.




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