DI-WHY? 11th December 2019

DI-WHY? 11th December 2019

Thanks to @Myroofcarel on Twitter for submitting this week’s DI-WHY? disaster!

This particular example was probably carried out by a fraudster or rogue builder, and had left the customer considerably out of pocket!

We found this yesterday – some “roofers” had apparently left this as a finish! Further inspection from us found there wasn’t one single tile nailed on this full roof. The customer had been ripped off for £5k for brand new roof.

If you spot any bodged jobs or DIY failures, please do send them in to us on probuildonline@gmail.com or  tag us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

All submissions that we use will get a limited edition DI-WHY? sticker!

di-why sticker

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