Actis’ latest Hybrid range

Actis’ latest Hybrid range

Builders who have discovered the thermally impressive Actis Hybrid range say the ease with which they can be used and their cleanliness means they will use the products on all future projects.

As with other areas of life, breaking an old habit and adopting a new one can seem daunting. But once the switch has been made, there is no going back for pretty much everyone who has opened their eyes to the many advantages of unique honeycomb insulation Hybris and the insulating membranes with which it is designed to work – Boost R Hybrid, Boost R Hybrid Roof and H Control Hybrid.

The key pluses most often cited are that the range is clean and very easy to use and around 30 per cent quicker to install than using traditional forms of insulation. That’s in addition to the fact that it offers an incredible thermal performance and is guaranteed to last for the service life of the building.

Its cleanliness and complete absence of dust makes life more comfortable – there’s no need for specialist PPE or masks. It also eliminates any respiratory issues which can arise from using power tools – an issue of great concern to the HSE which runs an annual Dustbuster campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of workplace-generated lung disease.

Tony Byron-Cooper, site manager at a recently completed 43-home development in Kent for PCR Projects, is one of the range’s many fans. He says he will be using Actis products on all his future developments.

“Health and safety wise for our installers, it is light, easy to handle and there’s no dust to contend with,” he said.

“We’ve found it to be a big labour time saver as it’s so quick and easy to install and achieves a better seal into timber frame as opposed to sheet insulation material. We’ve found just being able to store it easily is a bonus. Also, any waste is easy to dispose of.”

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