Top roofing trends to help maximise revenue

Top roofing trends to help maximise revenue

Stuart Nicholson, Roof Systems Director from Marley, discusses the top roofing trends that can help you maximise revenue from projects this year. 

We’re only a few months into the year and 2021 has already seen huge challenges for everyone in the UK, with another national lockdown. Yet, the Government has made it clear that construction has a vital role to play in the country’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Whether working on small or large building sites, or on domestic properties, contractors are making a critical contribution to this effort. However now, more than ever, they need to work on the projects that will generate the most income. When it comes to roofing, there are a number of trends that could help contractors increase revenue from each roof – from a growth in solar PV, to consumer demand for extra living space and products that reduce cost and boost construction speed.

Here, we take a look at the latest trends to help you maximise revenue from roofing:

  • Sustainability and solar PV

The introduction of the Future Homes 2025 standard means that all new homes may have to include carbon saving technology, such as solar PV, to help the UK reach its net zero carbon target by 2050. Solar PV is already included in the local authority part of the Green Homes Grant and it could be added to the consumer scheme.

This means that integrated solar will become a growing feature of UK roofscapes in the next few years, offering potential new revenue streams, if you want to diversify and add solar PV to your services. To help you do this, we have extended our roof system to incorporate integrated solar panels, which are really easy to install, significantly increasing your income potential for each roof constructed.

  • Extensions

With lockdown restrictions forcing many families to stay at home for extended periods of time, extra space for living and working has become highly desirable. Together with low rates of borrowing and the relaxation in planning regulations, this is driving increasing demand for domestic extensions, which is a great opportunity for builders and roofers this year.

We offer a wide range of low pitch tiles suitable for single storey extensions, including our Mendip 12.5 and our Lincoln interlocking clay pantile, which now has a lower minimum pitch of just 12.5 degrees for specific applications (speak to our technical advisors for details). The Marley SolarTile can also be used down to low pitches of 20 degrees, making it a perfect add on to your extension projects.

  • Time saving tiles and accessories

A priority for housebuilders this year is to increase construction pace, without compromising on safety or quality. Therefore, you could speed up the time of your roofing projects with the latest high coverage, quality roofing materials, that can replicate traditional looks in less time. Our range includes easy-to-fix Edgemere slate-effect tiles and Lincoln and Eden interlocking pantiles, as well as time saving accessories, such as the SoloFix one-piece clip and nail and Universal Eaves Clip.

  • Adding value with roof systems

As the sector prepares for the Building Safety Bill, standards and competency will be high on the agenda this year. Sourcing all parts of a pitched roof, as a complete system, from one manufacturer not only adds value to projects, but also reduces the cost of call backs, saves time and ensures product compatibility and compliance with standards. Our tried and tested roof system is now available with, or without, solar integration and a 15-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

  • Cost effective clay

With particularly high demand in the four and five-bedroom sector of the housing market, the traditional clay look will continue to be very popular this year. However, continuing budgetary pressures mean you may need to look at more cost-effective clay options. Using a handcrafted tile, like Ashdowne, is around half the price of a handmade tile but gives a similar look. While our range of interlocking clay tiles, like Lincoln and Eden, give a traditional look but significantly cut the cost and time of installation.

This year, access to technical support will be more important than ever and our team is on hand to help. As well as roofing experts on the phone, you can access a range of free online services, such as fixing specifications, installation videos and our Sitework Guide app.

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