A sink to do dishes and so much more with Monza

A sink to do dishes and so much more with Monza

With stainlesssteel retaining its position as the material of choice in kitchen sink design, for practical and stylistic reasons, Clearwater introduces Monza, an inset sink that is big on both form and function.  

Monza’s sharp radius bowls are complemented by unique drainer channels that provide a dynamic aesthetic. The Monza collection offers three bowl options that should fulfil most busy kitchen demands, particularly the ‘workhorse’ double-bowl option.

The sink is designed to be inset into any worktop, with a pre-fitted seal making seamless installation and a water-tight finish simple. With reversible handing available on the single and 1.5 bowl options, Monza is a versatile choice that can be used flexibly in any setting.

Produced in 304 grade steel with an even, soft silk finish, Monza offers all the practical qualities that are important in the modern kitchen. Highly heat resistant, hot pans straight from the stove can rest safely on the sink, while the non-porous surface is easy to keep clean and consequently more hygienic. Stainless steel is also the most forgiving material for impact and the least likely material to damage fine tableware or glassware when washing up, whilst remaining unscathed itself.

Stylistically and practically, Monza from Clearwater is a stainless-steel inset sink that offers the complete solution.  


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