Roger Bisby Reviews a Selection of Everbuild Products

Roger Bisby Reviews a Selection of Everbuild Products

Roger Bisby takes a look at a selection of products from Everbuild to see what sticks.

Everbuild is a good value for money brand with some interesting products. Some such as Pinkgrip you will probably know quite well but others, such as their Mammoth heavy duty double sided tape, are less commonly found on the merchants’ shelves but deserve a better billing.

The tape, which comes in different widths, is the fastest way I have found of sticking two items together. Some years ago I used it to stick two glass panels together in a sandwich.

I couldn’t mess around waiting for adhesives to cure so I used the tape around the perimeter in a narrow strip and Pink Griptrimmed off the excess. Now, short of getting a knife blade down between the panes and cutting along the strip, there is just no way of separating them.

I have since used the tape to stick everything from kitchen fascias to ceramic tiles. If you want instant grab this tape will do the job.

Pinkgrip is, of course, a flagship Everbuild product. I like it because it tends to flow nicely out of the tube and it sticks as well as any other panel adhesive out there and a good deal better than some.

It has good initial grab direct bonding so you don’t have to do a double stick where you pull the surfaces apart to let it
flash off. You can use Pinkgrip inside and out on all sorts of materials.

Often these days we go for hybrid polymer products which are amazing at sealing and sticking but they are not cheap and, if all you need to do is stick, you don’t need to buy something that is over specified for the job

Another product I came across in the Everbuild camp is Sika’s wood and laminate floor cleaner. So often people just want to remove marks from timber flooring and need something quick and easy to bring back the shine.

It has a nice lemon smell but is not really acidic so it won’t attack glue joints. However, it is not a good idea to apply too much or let it pond on timber joints because of the moisture so spray it on and wipe it off.

It is unsuitable for waxed and unsealed timber. The product is described as a wood cleaner but it is also very good on ceramic and stone tiles and worktops. The manufactures recommend that you try it on a small area to confirm it is suitable.


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