Whitesales’ Paving and Decking Support

Whitesales’ Paving and Decking Support

The self-levelling paving pedestal every builder needs

Levelling ground for paving can be very time-consuming and costly, what builder wouldn’t want a product that does the hard work for them? Whitesales’ Em-Pad self-levelling paving and decking support does just that. It’s easy to use and makes rapid installation on uneven and sloping ground easy, even up to a 6°/10.5% gradient. There’s also no danger of crushing because the Em-Pad is certified to withstand over 2,100kg of compression.

There’s no need for manual setting or inserting shims. The self-levelling head means no calculations or painstakingWhitesales (A) adjustments are required to perfect. Whitesales have also made the Em-Pad adjustable from 40mm to 1000mm, so there’s plenty of room to accommodate services and utilities too. Removable spacers and optional perimeter tabs mean an Em-Pad system can easily support almost any structure, detail, abutment or parapet. There’s even a decking head option for joists.

For full details, download the Em-Pad brochure, and contact the Whitesales team on 01483 271371 or at sales@whitesales.co.uk for next-day delivery to any warehouse or site in the UK.

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