Werner urges contractors to be ‘working at height aware’ on National Workplace Day of Remembrance

Werner urges contractors to be ‘working at height aware’ on National Workplace Day of Remembrance

On 12th December businesses nationwide will pause to mark the National Workplace Day of Remembrance, an annual observance dedicated to honouring those who have lost their lives or suffered injuries and illness in the line of work. 

First established in 2019, the day’s relevance remains as important as ever this year, following the publication of new statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which show the number of work-related fatalities has risen from 123 to 135 across 2023. 

Alarmingly, falls from height equate for the greatest number of deaths in the workplace; a statistic that Werner, the world’s largest ladder manufacturer, believes highlights the need for greater awareness around working at height best practice. 

Mark Robson, Product Manager at Werner, said: “The Workplace Day of Remembrance is an important initiative which draws attention to the people who die in the line of work each year.  

“The latest statistics from the HSE, which show a sharp increase year-on-year of workplace-related deaths, sadly demonstrate why such a day is still so crucial. As a leading ladder manufacturer, we were particularly alarmed by the number of fatalities attributed to falls from height; a quarter of all work-related deaths and 8% of non-fatal workplace injuries per year. 

“That’s why we’re urging contractors to be ‘working at height aware’ this December. There are a number of simple steps contractors can take to minimise the risk of falls from height. These include taking the time to undertake a proper risk assessment, ensuring they are using the right equipment for the job and ensuring that they only ever use ladders intended for professional use and that they follow all the recommended protocols whilst at height.” 

To help further promote safe working practices among professionals, Werner’s team of safety experts have also developed five working at height guides, covering key topics including: 

  • Tips for safe ladder use at height 
  • How employers can reduce risk for personnel working at height 
  • How to choose the best ladder for a job 
  • Key things to consider when selecting a ladder 
  • How to inspect your ladder before starting a job 

To view Werner’s Ladder Safety Guides, please visit www.wernerco.com/uk/ladder-safety 

To find out more information on the range of access solutions and training available from Werner, please visit www.wernerco.co.uk 

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