Top Roofing Woes Revealed
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Top Roofing Woes Revealed

Following a surge in domestic enquiries, Sheffield-based Martin-Brooks is highlighting the five most common roofing problems encountered by local homeowners.

Taking the top spot are slipped slates and tiles, which can be repaired or re-fixed in a matter of hours, but lead to further damage if left untreated.

The roofing specialists have seen an 11% increase in calls from residents this year, compared to the same period in 2016. The other issues it is asked to deal with most frequently, include blocked gutters, leaks around chimneys, mortar deteriorating under ridge tiles and storm damage.

Andrew Wheadon, Martin-Brooks’ estimator, said: “Age is the main reason our homes require roof repairs. Inclement weather might bring the issue to a head, but nail fixings and mortar deteriorate over time and of course, problems can be exacerbated by poor installation.”

Martin-Brooks carries out all types of roofing work on properties across the region. Recent projects in its home city alone include an urgent slate repair in Woodseats, replacement ridge tiles in Wincobank, a loft conversion in Greystones and a full re-roof in Millhouses.

Andrew added: “With the exception of chimneys and ridges, which normally require scaffolding, most basic repairs can be undertaken safely from a ladder, keeping costs to a minimum. We have good stocks of materials, so there’s no delay in re-fixing or replacing slipped slates and the size of our team means we can address problems promptly, limiting the damage caused by leaks.”

Martin-Brooks was one of the first South Yorkshire firms to achieve Competent Roofer status, enabling it to self-certify work that needs building regulation approval. A certificate of compliance is issued, without the need for a council inspection, saving homeowners money and a significant amount of time.

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