Roger Bisby Gets Out in the Sun with Snickers Workwear

Roger Bisby Gets Out in the Sun with Snickers Workwear

An indicator of the changing seasons is when builders get their legs out. For me this was early April – foolish perhaps but I couldn’t wait to try out these new Snickers Ruff Work denim shorts.

I have the Ruffwork trousers, which are definitely Snickers heaviest duty trousers with Cordura panels and weight distribution panels. Even the denim is Cordura, and all the other features on the shorts are identical apart from the absence of knee pads and the lower leg.

By the way, if you want the knee pads, and still fancy a bit of air around your lower regions, the Snickers Pirate trousers are a good half way measure.

As for the RuffWork range you have heavy duty reinforced panels, a stretch gusset in the crotch for a bit more room when you bend or lift a leg, holster pockets and a very handy zipped thigh pocket.


I had no idea that Snickers did a summer sock and it wasn’t until I tried them that I fully understood just how much difference they make. You get the comfort from the sculptured panels and reinforcement on the ankle and, in areas such as the heel and toe, there is Polyamide reinforcement.

Apart from those areas of heavy wear the weave is open and airy. The clever bit is the 37.5 particle technology that helps keep your body temperature at its optimum by providing a kind of micro-climate layer which evaporates the moisture.

A combination of volcanic ash and coconut fibres is woven into the fabric to help it maintain the right temperature for your body. You can’t see it but you can feel it in the comfort of the fabric.

37.5 Tec Short-sleeved Polo Shirt

The new Polo shirt from Snickers feels luxurious, with a silky smooth inside and a more textured weave on the outside, but hold it up to the light and you can see straight through it.

The open weave is all about ventilation, which lets moisture out but holds tiny pockets of air to insulate. Insulation, of course, is about keeping heat out as well as in so, once again, the 37.5 climate comfort is working all day long to keep you in the zone.

Solid Gear

Summertime might signal a change from boots to shoes but, even though we all like the feel of trainers, we need protection for our toes and souls.

I have been testing a great many shoes and boots out lately and these Solid Gear safety shoes are right up there in terms of comfort. They are not the cheapest workshoes out there and there will be many who say “I am not paying that” but then go out and spend as much on a pair of trendy trainers to wear to the pub.

The unavoidable fact is that looking after your feet is one of the things that keeps you working and walking. You see so many people, particularly overweight people, who are suffering because they have gone for the cheapest workshoes on the market.

One thing you will find with these shoes is that the insole is made from a shock absorbing material and that can make a huge difference, so if you do decide to go for a cheap pair of workshoes or boots, invest in a good insole, and at least you will be protected from the worst of the impact.


I was talking to a Snickers retailer recently and he told me that, in his opinion, one of the best garments Snickers ever made was their workvest.

I had one of the shiny blue ones from 20 years ago and, over time, I just stopped using it, mainly because the shiny material went out of style, but that recent conversation made me dig it out and start using it in a self-consciously retro way.

And he is right – it is a great bit of kit, especially for working at height. Seeing this new work vest I can see that they have improved the style and functionality adding all kinds of pockets and tabs, and even a little hanging pocket for your I.D.

The great thing about a work vest, as opposed to a tool belt, is that the vest takes the weight from around your waist and places it on your shoulders, so you feel a lot more agile and less weighed down.

That said, the quick release wide belt allows you to put a bit of weight back on your waist and, more importantly, stop all those tool-filled pockets swinging around.

The other clever addition here is a heavy duty elasticised band across the back panel, which provides some shock absorption when you walk or chuck items in the holster pockets. I am not quite sure that they have given enough consideration to where to put your cordless drill

So you can now load up your vest and go to work. I can see the main market for this will be electricians fitting downlighters but it will also appeal to roofers.

When you want to hang the vest up they have now incorporated a strong tab at the back so you can hang in up fully loaded, which is great for tea breaks and, of course, driving.

I had been wearing this vest on and off for a couple of weeks before I discovered that it has an extra expansion panel so it will fit a more portly person.

Future proofing for me if I hit the pies in a serious way, but for now I will keep it tucked inside on its hook and loop tabs.

For further information on Snickers Workwear click here.

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