The FMB responds to the UK lockdown

The FMB responds to the UK lockdown

The FMB has given us a statement on the UK lockdown, as debate continues to take place across our social media channels as to what it actually means for the trades – particularly those working in domestic properties.

Brian Berry, chief executive of the FMB, said: “Our members want to do the right thing, but the advice coming from Government is anything but clear. I am calling on the Government to tell my members, today, whether they can continue to go on site and work. Small builders cannot work from home, but without cash grants available now, they risk seeing their livelihoods lost.

“Mixed messages are spreading further anxiety at a time when hundreds of small builders face immediate lost earning, having to make their staff redundant, and seeing their companies go to the wall. The £25,000 grant must be extended to construction, support is needed for the self-employed which make up 37 per cent of the industry, and applications for the Job Retention Scheme must be brought forward.”

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