Research finds construction is one of the most stressful industries

Research finds construction is one of the most stressful industries

Workers in the construction industry are some of the most stressed in the UK, according to AXA‘s 2018 Stress Index.


The study, which looks at stress inside and outside the workplace, revealed that 82 per cent of those in the construction industry are stressed at least some of the time (second only to the finance/accounting industry and the domestic/cleaning industry, both on 87 per cent).

The research also looked at the issues keeping all sectors awake at night. Splitting time between work and home is a major concern, with 65 per cent worried about being contacted outside of working hours.

Impact of stress

According to the study, 41 per cent feel anxious because of stress, while 36 per cent feel tense and 29 per cent said that stress causes restlessness. In addition, 27 per cent said that were not getting enough sleep due to stress.

Eugene Farrell. Mental Health Lead, AXA PPP healthcare, said, “This research shows that Britain’s workers are struggling to manage their levels of stress. Even in the least stressed sectors – such as training and education and manufacturing – the vast majority of staff are stressed at least some of the time during a typical week.

“However, what is promising is that many respondents are turning to healthy ways to manage stress by taking time to exercise, which is a much better option than comfort eating, drinking or smoking. Stress can cause feelings of anxiousness, restlessness and can make people feel isolated, so it is important that anyone struggling to cope seeks help – for example, from their GP or from the helplines provided by mental health charities such as Mind, Rethink Mental Illness and the Samaritans. Those whose employer provides access to an employee assistance programme can speak in confidence to a qualified counsellor or therapist too.” 

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