PipeSnug releases video in time for Part L changes   

PipeSnug releases video in time for Part L changes   

PipeSnug has released an animation to explain the time saving, cost effective and energy efficient benefits of using PipeSnug and FlueSnug to seal around pipes.

The animation has been produced to capture the attention of as many people in the construction industry as possible. That is because changes to Part L of the Building Regulations are due to come into force in late 2020 which require all pipes and boiler flues to be properly sealed with a collar or grommet – a job PipeSnug’s products are specifically designed for.

In one scene, builders are making a mess and wasting valuable time pointing, before simply fitting PipeSnug with no mess or fuss. The video then cuts through a cross section of a brick wall to illustrate just how PipeSnug and FlueSnug seal the holes around pipes job perfectly, making homes greener, smarter and more cost effective.

“With airtightness testing and Net Zero Carbon on the agenda for all installers, housebuilders and developers, making sure heat does not escape is a must,” explained Alex Lever, PipeSnug director. “This video explains how our products help meet the Regulations, save time, save cost and ensure the holes around pipework are sealed – all with the added bonus of less callbacks and a smarter finish.”




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