Made for Trade raises the bar on customer service

Made for Trade raises the bar on customer service

Made for Trade is raising the bar on customer service.

Ever since Made for Trade was incorporated in 1979, quality service has been an important part of the company ethos. Many tradespeople will have been in a position where they have received poor service and, sadly, it’s not uncommon in the arena of glass and glazing. There is nothing more frustrating than being on site and finding a problem only to be fobbed off by the supplier over some trivial item which prevents the job getting done. So, why I hear you ask, are MFT any different?

Well, whilst its always going to be impossible to eliminate site issues completely, especially when we are all reliant on courier companies to deliver our items, MFT claim that 100 per cent customer satisfaction is their target. They say it is the company’s ability to deal with issues when they do arise which makes them really stand out from the crowd.

The key ingredients to this are people, training and importantly communication. They also try especially hard with their own brand of Korniche products to go a little bit further with the likes of marketing support, packaging, and instructions to make buying through MFT as painless as possible. The current aftersales care team of five, lead by experienced manager Tracy Garrod, work on staggered hours to ensure – on weekdays – when the customers are working so are they.

Product training is another key area in being able to provide top quality service, MFT operate regular training sessions where the customer service team gain experience of manufacturing and installation of the products, so you can almost guarantee the person on the end of the phone knows what you’re talking about, and on the occasion they don’t there are four other team members there to step in and help out.

Communication is another area where MFT offer a little bit more. This starts out during the quotation process, continues through the order confirmation and delivery confirmation processes up to the point the goods arrive at your site. After that any further communication is passed to the dedicated aftersales team. Every enquiry that comes through is immediately issued with a case number that is passed on to the customer so enquiries can be tracked properly.

Most issues are cleared off the system and the cases closed with a positive resolution the same day. However, on the occasion that your issue is a complex one a team member will gather details from you about the problem and enter them onto the system where they can be fully assessed by a member of the QC team.

The last part of the puzzle is the follow up, the customer service data that gets gathered on a weekly basis gets fed straight back into the QC and production teams ensuring that continuous improvement targets are achieved.

Over 5,000 (and counting) live returning customers cannot be wrong, Try MFT today for your Lantern Roof, Bi-folding or Sliding door projects and see what all the fuss is about.

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