IndiTherm natural fibre insulation gains BBA Agrément Certificate

IndiTherm natural fibre insulation gains BBA Agrément Certificate

Founded in 2016, IndiNature is manufacturer of bio-based construction materials.

Using leading science and traditional crops, IndiNature’s goal is to bring industrial-scale change to the climate, the environment and people’s health. From January 2024, the company’s first product, IndiTherm, an industrial hemp thermal and acoustic insulation, can be specified for retrofit or new build construction projects at scale, following accreditation with a full British Board of Agrément (BBA) Certificate.

IndiTherm is made in the Scottish Borders using Yorkshire-grown hemp and is currently the only UK-grown and made natural fibre insulation to hold a BBA Agrément Certificate. The first-generation flexible insulation ‘batt’ maintains exceptional thermal and moisture buffering properties, helping to preserve building life and health of retrofit builds, as well as offsetting carbon in new homes.

The Certification Process
IndiNature began its accreditation process with the BBA just over a year ago due to the high regard for its certifications and recognition across the industry. IndiNature faced the challenges of establishing IndiTherm in the UK for the first time and establishing trust within the sector for its innovative product. Through expert guidance from the BBA and a rigorous certification process, IndiNature refined and improved its products quality control and procedures. IndiNature’s Co-founder & CTO, Scott Simpson, led the certification process and explains:

“We founded the business because we care about quality buildings, people’s health and the planet – a full BBA Agrément certificate will help us grow those positive impacts on scale. Securing an Agrément is a highly demanding and rigorous process for any company – as a start-up this has been even more of a challenge but has meant we have optimised our in-house controls and are continuously improving product performance. It’s been tough for the team to get to this stage but we feel great about achieving our first certificate. The trend for natural low carbon construction materials continues to grow – this is an exciting time for IndiNature as we help accelerate that supply.

Our whole team feels proud to have worked with the BBA to achieve the only Agrément certificate currently in the UK for industrial hemp insulation – and even more proud of the fact the products are made by local workers in our mill and the fibres are supplied by local farmers. This means carbon captured by British farms can be stored in British buildings.”

New Business Growth
The BBA Agrément Certificate is a gold standard in the UK construction industry. It establishes suitability and builds trust. Throughout the whole construction supply chain, BBA certificates are used to authenticate and specify suppliers for construction projects. Being certified opens up opportunities for those bringing a new product to market, or sets an existing product apart from its competition.

Katy Roberts, BBA Sales & Marketing Director comments: “SMEs and start-up businesses are increasingly recognising the competitive advantages and opportunities that can open up as a result of BBA certification. IndiTherm is a great example of a truly innovative and entrepreneurial brand, that is using BBA certification to help sell their product and deliver new business growth.”

Their BBA Agrément Certificate demonstrates that IndiTherm meets UK building regulations which enables its use for larger housebuilders, installers, warranty providers and government-funded insulation programmes. Alex McLeod, IndiNature’s new CEO commented: “To have BBA certification demonstrates that our products have been tested to the highest standards expected here in the UK, and will undoubtedly assure architects, builders and contractors that our products are not only sustainable but achieve required performance levels.

We are currently the only UK manufacturer of natural fibre insulation products to be accredited with a full BBA Agrément certificate and this is already proving to be very positively received by our current and potential clients. We are now well placed to offer a range of unique carbon-negative insulation materials with the peace of mind that our products have been tested to the highest standard. I’d like to thank the team at BBA for their diligence and rigour through the process and we look forward to working with them again as we expand and develop our product range.”

Industrial Nature
IndiNature has also introduced a system-specific CPD to support installer training on the new material. Only a small module is required to differentiate the product as it currently maintains similarities to other flexibatts on the market. Once trained, installers can benefit from the soft to touch, easy-to-handle and quick to install hemp-based insulation for use in cold roof, pitched roof, internal wall and underfloor applications. IndiNature has built a replicable model for production of IndiTherm and its next product ranges, meaning locally grown and made materials can be used to insulate local buildings.

Through its UK manufacturing subsidiary and first IndiNature Mill, IndiNature aims to revitalise the local economy with a nature-based industry, building on the manufacturing heritage of the Scottish Borders and encouraging new skills for workers as part of a transition to net zero. Such industries are vital for a safer, healthier, carbon-negative future, and with support from The British Board of Agrément, can pave the way for change within the construction sector.

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