Divider screens for social distancing from Impey

Divider screens for social distancing from Impey

Impey has launched Connect, a new range of 6mm glass divider screens, for businesses as they start to reopen as lockdown eases.

Impey’s range of nine glass divider screens is ideal for installation into offices, workspaces, shop counters, hospitality spaces and sales desks. The range, which is available for immediate order, comprises 6mm transparent, tempered safety glass encased in an aluminium frame, which forms a physical barrier to help protect staff and customers.

Designed to offer quick and easy installation, the Connect range will help to form an essential part of workspace adjustment, enabling businesses to continue to work safely, prepare for a return to usual working environments, and to welcome customers.

Connect is available in a variety of heights and widths, which can be mounted singularly or side by side, to provide protection for any size or style of workspace in flexible configurations and layouts.

Natalie Paley, Impey’s national retail sales manager, said: “In these difficult times a safe workplace environment is imperative. We hope that this new product range will help overcome some of the challenges currently associated with reopening businesses and offices. We are proud to launch our Connect range of divider screens, which has been designed and engineered by our sister company Sealskin Duka.”


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