Discover BulletBond at Toolfair Manchester

Discover BulletBond at Toolfair Manchester

BulletBond will be showcased by Quin Global at Toolfair Manchester on 14th and 15th March.

It is the latest product of the TensorGrip range.

It is the first adhesive in the TensorGrip range which is targeted towards the domestic and non-industrial use markets, including tradespeople.

BulletBond’s UK manager, Darren Hill, said: “Following a successful launch in Europe during 2017, we are delighted to be bringing BulletBond to the UK market. Quin Global hold a highly respected position across many industrial markets and now to be bringing our high-performance spray adhesive to this market space is an exciting opportunity. BulletBond has been proven to save time and improve results in many applications and we look forward to introducing it to the trades.”

During the show, there will be demonstrations of some of the key applications of BulletBond.

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