Bosch Survey: UK Tradespeople Most Safety Conscious in Europe

Bosch Survey: UK Tradespeople Most Safety Conscious in Europe

Professionals from eight European countries were polled for the survey.

According to the findings of a recent health and safety survey conducted for Bosch, UK tradespeople are the most safety conscious in Europe. The poll canvased the views of carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other building trade professionals in the UK and seven other European countries: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Over 56% of the UK tradespeople said that they stopped work several times a day or even more frequently in order to meet health and safety requirements. Across the channel in France around 35% of workers were stopping a similar amount of times, while in Spain it was 37.5% and in Germany a little over 39%.

In a statement accompanying the survey’s result, Bosch highlighted the importance of attention to health and safety but conceded that interruptions to work flow are likely to impede efficiency and productivity. The company have suggested that the choice of in-tool systems can make a significant contribution to avoiding injuries and long-term health risks, as well as increasing confidence and proficiency.
The survey also covered which tasks trade professionals believe require most attention for safety. Grinding metal received 46% of responses, followed by drilling concrete (24%) and sawing wood (23%).

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