Is Time Up for the Tea Bag?

Is Time Up for the Tea Bag?

Professional Builder discovers whether trouble really is brewing for the iconic tea bag!

It’s surely one of the greatest challenges known to mankind and one which has been taxing some of the most eminent scientific brains in the universe for years – how to come up with a credible alternative to the traditional way of brewing up the great British cuppa. Many have tried but no one as yet, and our market research is not inconsiderable, has quite managed to bag a winner.

The latest to go “cup in hand” to this most discerning of customers is the Aptly named No More Tea Bags, which promises to replicate with one short squirt the tradesperson’s equivalent of the nectar of the building gods.

For perfect results it suggests just enough to cover the bottom of your drinking vessel or about a dessertspoonful and simply add hot water – freshly brewed tea without the nuisance of soggy disposals!

One can makes around 20 cups of tea or five litres, which would even comfortably accommodate the prodigious daily consumption of the Professional Builder editorial team.

So with concentrated tea alongside less familiar ingredients like antioxidant ascorbic acid, stabiliser Xanthan gum and propellant nitrogen, would the concoction taste more like No More Nails than its beverage brother… There was only one way to find out.

Take an extended tea break of our own around some local sites and see whether someone really can “mug” off the opposition this time around…

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