TikTok’s most popular DIY trends and the ones professionals say you should avoid  

TikTok’s most popular DIY trends and the ones professionals say you should avoid  

New research from Confused.com has revealed flower walls are the most popular DIY home trend on TikTok right now. With over 33.7 million views for #diyflowerwall on the app, it appears more people want to learn how to create a DIY flower wall than any other trend.

  • A new study from Confused.com reveals flower walls are the most popular DIY home trend on TikTok right now, with #diyflowerwall pulling in 33.7 million views
  • Bauhaus takes the top spot for the most popular decor style on TikTok, with over 53.9 million views
  • The research also found 39% of DIY TikTok hacks could damage your home and wouldn’t be professionally recommended

Pallet furniture, with over 30.7 million views, is the second most popular trend. DIY Vases are third, painted arches are in fourth position and homemade rugs come in fifth place.

Five of the top 20 trends are projects involving mirrors. The most popular, in eighth place, is a DIY Vanity Bulb Mirror, racking up an impressive 8.5 million views. DIY mirror walls follow closely behind in 10th with 4.9 million views. Foam mirrors are in 16th, Ikea mirror hacks take 17th and cloud mirrors are in 18th position.

The Top 20 Most Popular TikTok DIY Trends

Rank DIY Hack Hashtag Views
1 Flower wall #diyflowerwall 33,700,000
2 Pallet furniture #palletfurniture 30,700,000
3 DIY vases #diyvase 14,000,000
4 Painted arches #paintedarch 13,600,000
5 Homemade rug #diyrug 12,100,000
6 Accent wall #diyaccentwall 10,100,000
7 Macrame wall hanging #macramewallhanging 9,100,000
8 DIY vanity bulb mirror #diyvanitymirror 8,500,000
9 Homemade bench #diybench 8,300,000
10 Mirror wall #diymirrorwall 4,900,000
11 Macrame plant hanger #macrameplanthanger 4,900,000
12 Back splash #diybacksplash 4,900,000
13 Moss terrarium #mossterrarium 4,700,000
14 Plant hangers #planthangerdiy 4,000,000
15 Wall panelling #diypanelling 3,900,000
16 Foam mirror #diyfoammirror 3,500,000
17 Ikea mirror hack #ikeamirrorhack 3,100,000
18 Cloud mirror #diycloudmirror 2,200,000
19 Book nook #booknookdiy 1,800,000
20 Shiplap wall #diyshiplap 1,600,000

Bauhaus and soft girl aesthetic top list of most popular TikTok decor styles

As part of the research, Confused.com also looked into the most popular decor styles on TikTok, by analysing hashtag data from popular decor themes ranging from minimalism to Japandi.

Ranking in first place is Bauhaus, with over 53.9 million views on TikTok. Bauhaus designs are defined by the use of smooth surfaces, geometric shapes and clean lines, and despite originating over 100 years ago, it’s clear that this trend is still dominating interior trends in 2021.

Following Bauhaus in second position is Soft Girl Aesthetic, with over 49.2 million views on TikTok. A decidedly more modern decor style which originated on TikTok itself, the trend is centred around soft colours, plush materials and an overall theme of ‘cuteness’.

Vintage and rustic decors and Scandinavian design made up the top five most popular trends, each with over 15 million views each on the app.

Top 10 Most Viewed TikTok Decor Styles

Rank Styles Hashtag Views
1 Bauhaus #bauhaus 53,900,000
2 Soft girl aesthetic #softgirlaesthetic 49,200,000
3 Vintage decor #vintagehomedecor 26,700,000
4 Rustic decor #rusticdecor 21,900,000
5 Scandinavian design #scandinavianinterior 15,500,000
6 Maximalism #maximalistdecor 13,300,000
7 Industrial design #industrialdecor 5,900,000
8 Eclectic decor #eclecticdecor 5,000,000
9 Modern farmhouse #modernfarmhousedecor 3,100,000
10 Bohemian style #bohemiandecor 2,900,000

39% of DIY Advice on TikTok Could Damage Your Home

To establish which TikTok hacks are safe to undertake at home, Confused.com consulted DIY expert, Peter Hodgins, a carpenter and joiner with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He ranked different TikTok DIY hacks to reveal which are professionally approved and which may risk damaging your home.

By rating each TikTok hack out of five, the research revealed that 39% of the DIY tips analysed were ranked as either ‘terrible’ or ‘bad’ as a result of either poor finish or safety concerns.

At the bottom end of the scale were tips like using stick on tiles for fireplaces, painting with a sock, painting sinks and painting decking with a floor brush.

11 DIY Hacks That Should Be Avoided and Aren’t Professionally Recommended:

  • Painting decking with a floor brush
  • Cleaning with drills
  • Cement worktops
  • Floor stencils
  • Fake bricks
  • Painting sinks
  • Stick on tiles
  • Grouting pens
  • Painting with a sock
  • Duct tape backsplash
  • Stick on tiles for fireplace

Each of the analysed hacks were scored according to how likely they were to damage your home or cause injury. On a scale of one to five, tips that scored a one were marked as ‘this is terrible – do not do this’, and a score of five was classed as ‘this is great – would highly recommend.

Almost 40% (39%) of the hacks were marked as a one (terrible), or two (bad), both of which weren’t recommended. Less than a third (32%) received the professional seal of approval with a score of four or five, and just over a quarter were marked as ‘this is not great, proceed with caution’.

DIY expert, Peter Hodgins, from Principle Kitchens and Carpentry, comments: 

“With all the extra time we’ve had at home over the past 18 months, so many people have done a spot of DIY on their homes – some successfully and others not quite as well. Unfortunately, watching a few TikTok videos does not make you an expert in building or plumbing, and this can sometimes mean that people are left disappointed with the finish, functionality and even safety of their DIY home hacks. If you’re unsure about how to do a certain task, it’s always best to consult a professional to ensure you’re going to be left feeling happy with the results of your home project”

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at Confused.com comments:

“With limited access to tradespeople during the pandemic and more spare time on our hands, it’s no wonder that so many people have been turning to TikTok for inspiration for their next home DIY project. Not all information on TikTok is reliable however, and by carrying out these projects without professional assistance, some DIY enthusiasts may risk damaging their home in the process. Before undertaking any big DIY project, ensure that you have the appropriate home insurance to protect yourself and your home, and let your insurer know of any projects that may affect the value of your home – failure to do so could potentially invalidate your insurance.”

To view the research in full, please visit: https://www.confused.com/home-insurance/guides/diy-tiktok-trends

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