Three ways to improve your social media profile as a builder

Three ways to improve your social media profile as a builder

Social media can be overwhelming, so here are three simple tips from ERoofing on improving your profile.

Use videos/photos

Images and videos are some of the strongest pieces of content on the internet. Just by looking at the usage of GIFS, memes and tutorial videos, we can see that videos and photos are what you should be mainly focused on. Humans take in images 60,000 times faster than text. Thus, if you want to grab the attention of a potential client, videos and photos are more than worth considering.

It is also worth adding that image-based content is the best way to showcase your best work.

Use hashtags

Hashtags can be annoying; however, they are a goldmine if you strike correctly. Consistent use of hashtags on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can make your social media profiles far more visible. Using hashtags such as #roofer or #builder will make you even more visible in your industry and if you are looking to expand beyond that use daily hashtags such as #MondayMotivation or #FridayFeeling.

Mention friends & other profiles

A great strategy to grow your engagement is by building a community that shares and likes each other’s tweets. This strategy will give you a boost in hashtag rankings and other algorithms. Expect your reach to grow into thousands, by simply tagging people into your photos and engaging with other people on their Twitter profiles.

Let us know your tips on using social media as a tradesperson by emailing or by tagging us in on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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