The benefits of a Telesteps telescopic ladder

The benefits of a Telesteps telescopic ladder

Telesteps tells us how it has remained at the top of the telescopic ladder game, producing a range of top quality ladders with smart accessories to help you work smarter

As the original founder and developer of the telescopic ladder, Telesteps has the widest experience in the sector. Manufactured in a modern, fully automated production facility in the deep forest of Sweden, the products not only benefit customers but also the planet, with substantial reductions in CO2 pollution. We control the production process from the first piece of raw aluminium to the final assembled ladder, ensuring full traceability of each component.

Highest quality – every time

We are fully committed to ensuring that every ladder that leaves the factory meets our consistent benchmarks. Each ladder goes through the same fully automated production process using high-precision equipment overseen by our manufacturing and quality assurance teams.

A ladder for every job

Solid line – A rock-solid and height adjustable work platform that’s easy to carry and transport.

Loft line – A smart, user-friendly ladder available in two sizes and equipped with Autostep.

Rescue line – The first telescopic ladder in the world where three people can use the ladder at the same time.

Prime line – With Prime, we took everything we know about designing quality ladders and embarked on a new era.

Combi line – A stand-alone ladder that can be used as a leaning ladder or A-frame.

Not just for looks

Let’s navigate you through some key features and benefits of Telesteps solutions:

● Patented triangular tube shape that’s stronger than the traditional round tube. We’ve enhanced the corners of the aluminium tube where external impact is most common to make our ladders more robust. The triangular shape also creates a perfect grip when climbing.

● Our cleverly designed angled brackets mean that our ladders feature level rungs. At first glance, this might not seem a big deal, but once you stand on our level and wide rungs, you’ll never want to go back! Wide and level rungs make for a more comfortable and safer
ladder where slipping is almost eliminated.

Benefits of a Telesteps telescopic ladder:  

  • Easy to transport and store – the compact design allows you to store them almost anywhere, from your work vehicle to the wall in your garage. 
  • Adjust to the perfect height – our telescopic ladders can be adjusted to the perfect height for each job. The result is a safer and more flexible ladder. 
  • Use it, even in a limited space – there will always be occasions when you need to use the ladder in a limited space e.g. in lift or a crowded area. 

It’s all in the detail

A ladder is a ladder they say. But we know that it is the small details that make the biggest difference.

The art of Telesco

We also supply smart accessories to help you work smarter.

Our commitment to design and function extends beyond our telescopic ladders, with an extensive range of accessories focused on helping you to work smarter and safer. From a simple tool tray that ensures you have everything you need to hand, to safety straps, wall mounts, carry bags and maintenance kits – our design team works hand in hand with professionals to ensure we deliver the extras that make life easier.

Our ground spikes work in tandem with the safety feet fitted on all Telesteps ladders, providing stability and safety in the toughest environments whether that’s snow, mud, or dirt.

With its unique ball joint design, our Adjustable Safety Feet provide a safe and steady grip on uneven ground. Compatible with our Prime and Rescue Line ladders, they are easily attached allowing you to adjust the ladder-feet to keep your rungs level and ensure you always feel safe when working.

Our ladders last a very long time, and the chances are that at some point you’ll wear a part out. Rather than having to invest in a whole new ladder, the benefit of our quality-driven Swedish production is the ability to order spare parts that can be easily assembled at home or on-site.

To watch some Telesteps videos visit Telesteps – YouTube.

For further information on Telesteps visit Start – Telesteps.

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