The Amourflex Hardwax Oil

The Amourflex Hardwax Oil

Tough on stains, dirt & scratches – and quality results every time. That’s the promise for Armourflex Hardwax Oil, and you’ve got the chance to try it for yourself!

For centuries people have admired the beauty of wood, with generations using this versatile material in the construction of homes and workplaces. Traditionally, combinations of beeswax and linseed oil were used for protection, offering a natural appearance whilst providing a layer of defence against water ingress, scratches and the inevitable surface damage which occurs over time. Beeswax and carnauba in particular have a longstanding reputation for use in furniture protection but their application is labour intensive and high maintenance compared to modern finishes.

Customer trends are now showing a revival of traditional materials in the name of sustainability, incorporating naturally durable wood, such as oak, into building design. The market renaissance of such materials requires treatments able to display and conserve the opulent feel they impart to a home or office space. However, premium material quality comes at a premium price so the most cost-effective solutions must not skimp on performance, as careful early maintenance pays dividends to protect this long-term investment.

High quality

Barrettine is a Bristol-based, UK manufacturer specialising in premium Professional, Trade and DIY wood coatings, with over 140 years of holding quality and service at their heart. With access to highly respected global suppliers, the company use the highest quality raw materials to ensure the top-level durability expected from Tradeperformance products.

Its recently released liquid Hard Wax Oil is the latest addition to the ArmourFlex range of high-performance specialist coatings, designed to protect internal wooden surfaces such as floors and stairs. It offers a vastly easier application than the frequent, repetitive buffing of traditional beeswax films.

Whereas beeswax is a stiff paste, Armourflex Hardwax Oil is a flowing liquid so it penetrates deeply into the wood. This allows it to cure within the wood grain in a strong protective hold, enhancing the natural beauty and authenticity. This enhancement gives more depth and interest to the wood shades yet also offers a gentle, natural finish and that enables the surface to breathe.

Armourflex Hardwax Oil is also food and toy safe when dry, certified by EN 1186:2002 & EN71:3. As an elegant and protective finish, it will complement a range of modern and classic interior styles, enriching the colour of the wood whilst protecting the floor or surface against liquid spills and scratches. The protection from Hard Wax Oil comes primarily from its three-dimensional hold within the wood grain which offers excellent surface water-resistance and also won’t crack, peel, flake, or blister, making it highly durable and offering long lasting, low maintenance protection.

If surface damage does occur then spot repairs can easily be undertaken without the effort of renovating the entire room, saving both time and money. This gives an advantage over other floor coatings, avoiding the need for lengthy re-sanding of the wooden surface before re-application.

The product is supplied ready to apply for easy application and Armourflex Hard Wax Oil in Matt and Satin finishes is available from Barrettine Stockists now.

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