Maintaining the natural beauty of wood with Barrettine

Maintaining the natural beauty of wood with Barrettine

Maintain the natural beauty of wood with Armourflex® Ultimate UV Protection Oil.

Sustainable modern architecture has evolved into the industry standard for construction projects, generating increasingly ambitious designs and incorporating natural materials – such as wood. This trend can be seen across many sectors in the construction of houses, flats, offices, and public buildings, amongst others. However, by nature such materials are perishable and without maintenance will rapidly deteriorate.

The new Armourflex® Ultimate UV Protection Oil protects timber cladding and timber-faced structures from the sun’s UV rays, which quickly fade the wood’s natural colour. No matter what the type of wood, softwood, hardwood or even modified wood, they all have one thing in common – a suitable coating is usually needed to protect and prolong the service life of exterior wooden surfaces. Softwoods such as pine or spruce offer cost effective solutions but have the most need for protective coatings as they are less resistant to the elements.

Oak, chestnut, or larch can be left to weather naturally for a period of time but will lose its natural vibrancy if left untreated. Therefore, a UV Protection Oil is vital to protect any exterior wooden feature.

Ultimate UV Protection Oil is the latest high-performance addition to the specialist range of Armourflex coatings from Barrettine, offering an highly effective solution to protect exterior wooden facades, vertical surfaces and exterior timber building additions. The product has been formulated with a careful balance of UV absorbers and antioxidants, designed to capture the damaging UV rays from the sun and dissipate them safely away as heat. Containing performance-tested resins, the product also resists water and dirt, thereby reducing potential discolouration of the surface from fungal attack. This gives an overall picture of healthy-looking timber, with an extended service life and reduced maintenance expense.

Wooden facades will regress to grey and warp if left unprotected even for relatively short periods of time. This weathering may not be uniform, changing and degrading the appearance of the building over time. If treated with a UV Protection Oil, this will avert greying and hinders swelling, shrinkage, splitting, and warping of wooden surfaces. Untreated timber eventually necessitates the expense of re-cladding and reduces the eco-credentials of the design. A coating which is vapour permeable, such as Barrettine’s, Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil, is specially developed for external timber, as it is resistant to the cracking, flaking and peeling associated with more brittle varnishes or paints which can trap water under their surface.

The product retains the timber or cladding as a protected investment, looking newer for longer and maintaining its structural integrity, and protects the wooden surface when subjected to the intense variety of our now annual weather cycle.

A range of uses

Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil is not limited to wide expanses of cladding, it is equally suitable for exterior doors, window frames and joinery, to protect the wood against UV damage and weathering. A growing trend is the use of attractive, durable timber such as oak for the gentrification of older houses, particularly those from the 1970s, ‘80’s, & ‘90’s. The addition of new cladding, porches, porticos, solid timber doors and windows enhances the look and kerb appeal, easily transforming these homes into residences fit for the 21st Century.

Other areas of use are in old farm or commercial outbuildings, where sensitive conversions have retained many original features. These features need to be protected in order to fulfil planning permission. Stable doors, windows and windowsills, external joinery and exposed timber frames all need something that will preserve not only the character of the building, but also the investment. Application is easy, the product glides onto the wood with a brush or roller. Both coats can be applied within one working day and cured by morning.

Surface coatings work best on dimensionally stable timbers that are unlikely to move when subject to moisture changes. Surface texture is important. Coatings generally perform better applied to sawn rather than smooth planed timber as absorption into the timber surface is greater.

Another consideration is building orientation. South & west facing facades are more exposed, not only to sunlight but also driving wind and rain, so will weather more quickly. North or east facing facades receive more shade and appear darker and, because of this, may require more frequent maintenance to prevent deterioration due to mould.

Other treatments

Shade from overhanging trees or other buildings may also have a localised impact and cause variations in colour on the same elevation. This can be more or less pronounced due to the season. To counteract these factors, or simply to add another dimension to your timber or cladding, Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil will offer an ideal protective performance coating solution, which is available in 1, 2.5 and 4litre sizes, depending on project size.

Barrettine also manufactures full range of protective wood treatments for your home and garden. These include premium Decking Oils, Wood Preservers and Wood Protective Treatments. They nourish and provide long lasting protection due to their oil-based formula which penetrates deeply into the wood grain, ensuring your exterior wood stands the test of time. All products are available now and can be purchased through their trusted stockists via their website below.

Barrettine is a Bristol-based, UK manufacturer with over 140 years history, specialising in high-quality protective wood coatings for professionals. With access to leading global suppliers, the manufacturer selects the best raw materials for its manufacturing processes to achieve the first-class durability expected from high-performance products. Through diligent product development, this allows the company to answer modern construction challenges with new, innovative solutions.

To find out more, visit Armourflex UV Protection Oil | Barrettine Products.

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