Surface preparation with Mirka

Surface preparation with Mirka

Surface preparation and a dust-free work environment are made simple by Mirka.

Surface preparation is the key to achieving the perfect finish but, as we all know, each surface offers its own challenges, such as the amount of dust it produces. An issue like this could potentially increase the time spent on a job, so it’s important that end-users have access to products that can assist in making this process as simple and efficient as possible.

As the surface preparation industry has developed from paper hand sanding to machinery, the problem of dust being produced in the process continues to be an issue. Laboratory testing has proven that lack of extraction can create small amounts of dust in the air, which when accumulated, can pose risks to health and act as a fire hazard.

Through research, development and customer communication, Mirka has effectively designed and developed a range of durable products that assist in delivering an efficient overall process while protecting its users from dangerous dust particles and protecting against the dangers of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs).

Developed in Jeppo, Finland the tools are constantly evolving and currently include the Mirka DEROS, which is built to deliver a rapid, efficient, consistently powerful performance even under a heavy load; the DEOS is the only electric orbital sander on the market that has been optimised for net abrasives by incorporating more than 45 holes in the pad; and the lightweight LEROS, which has a flexible and practical design that offers ergonomic working positions, exerting less strain on the operator’s body and back.

To supplement these tools, the manufacturer has designed a wide-ranging selection of abrasives, spearheaded by Abranet. This abrasive has an open, symmetrical net structure with integrated loops, which allows for maximum cutting speed and consistent performance across a variety of surfaces while delivering a dust-free sanding experience when used in conjunction with a Mirka extraction system. In addition, the company has expanded its Abranet offering recently by providing it in rolls. These rolls are available from various national retailers, and one of their benefits is that they can be cut to fit a wide range of sanders that are on the market, including those produced by Mirka.


The Mirka DEOS is the only electric orbital sander on the market that has been optimised for net abrasives by incorporating more than 45 holes in the pad. Its features a powerful brushless motor, which provides a high power to weight ratio when in use. The design team has also been able to reduce the weight, size and height of the sander, which provides users with a compact, lightweight and easy to use tool.


The lightweight LEROS weighs in at under 3.5kg, which enables the user to use it for longer periods in greater comfort. It is also the first wall sander with 180° flexibility on the sanding head, which helps the operator reach surfaces from a better angle, and allows for a more ergonomic working position. The random orbital movement provides precise responses to the operator’s movements, while the sanding head and backing pad design make it possible to work very close to corners and edges.


The Mirka DEROS is designed to deliver a rapid, efficient, consistently powerful performance comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine, even under heavy load. It features a ‘closed construction’ preventing dust from entering the motor, avoiding typical wear and tear damage experienced by electric machines. In addition, its low-profile design delivers good control over the sanding process, while its long body encompasses an ergonomic grip that assists in reducing arm fatigue and minimises the risk of HAVS.




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