What is stopping women from working in the trades?

What is stopping women from working in the trades?

This week’s #TradesTalk discussion on Twitter looked at how to encourage more women into the trades.

There were so many interesting comments from tradespeople around the UK, which you can find by looking on Twitter and searching the hashtag #TradesTalk.

Here is our round-up of the best bits.

The chat started by looking at what barriers there might be to women working in construction.

The next question looked at why getting more women into the trades is important.

We then asked if there are schemes out there set up to encourage women into the trades.

The topic of workwear designed for women was next up.



There were some great bits of advice for aspiring tradeswomen.

And the final question of the night was about how (and when) to start inspiring the tradeswomen of the future.


#TradesTalk takes place on Twitter every Tuesday at 8pm, talking about anything and everything to do with working in the building trades. To join in simply follow @TradesTalk.


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