Steel Blue safety boots – reviewed!

Steel Blue safety boots – reviewed!

Professional Builder’s Edward Kelly gets his hands (or feet!) on a pair of Steel Blue boots – here’s what he thought.

It’s an experience every jobbing builder knows well – you walk into a customer’s nice clean house and look down at your boots with a bit of a sigh. Now it’s time to spend five minutes getting them off just so you’ll have to lace them up again when you’re ready to go. Thankfully, Steel Blue has got a solution for this.

A number of the Australian company’s boots, like the Southern Cross Zip Sand S3’s the company was kind enough to send me, feature a zip on the side. While I was first sceptical of this and wondered how practical it would be, I ended up very pleasantly surprised. The zip does actually make taking these boots on and off incredibly easy without compromising on a tight fit once they’re on. It is the side zip combining with the conventional laces that manages to achieve this. You can tie the laces as tightly as needed and won’t have to untie them because when the zip is pulled down, the boots open up and lose their rigidity. While this was another concern of mine, (with regards to the ankle stability) I was glad to find the boots still manage to provide a good amount of support when on. This feels like a running theme with the boots in general – comfort and accessibility innovations don’t come at the expense of the safety boots practicality. It all feels very well thought out. Another example of this is the small Velcro strap that goes over the zip on each boot. This provides just that extra bit of security to make sure the zips won’t catch on anything or undo themselves any time soon.  

Fully Protected

All the usual features of a S3 safety boot are here too, with water resistance, toe protection and mid sole protection. Just touching on that though, the toe cap is steel and not the more on trend composite. This does add a bit of weight to the boots and while they still feel very comfortable, it is worth mentioning.  The toe protection does however benefit from a sturdy scuff cap to stop the material wearing down. This feels very solid and helps with overall toe protection too. Other features of the boots include Fresche QuatLock which offers long-term antibacterial and antimicrobial protection against fungus, bacteria and the odours caused by bacteria. Additionally, the outsole has heat resistance to 130°C and, as with all the company’s footwear, is designed to exceed slip resistance requirements.  

Safety features aside, and as I briefly mentioned earlier, a lot has gone into making these boots comfortable. This, alongside the zip accessibility, is probably the biggest draw factor for them. The company certainly prides itself on its boots’ comfort, offering an 100% comfort guarantee that means you can get a full refund if you aren’t satisfied. The level of comfort when wearing the boots is a result of things like the materials used in making the boot. Where, the outside uses ethically and environmentally sourced Nubuck Leather, the inside features a Baltico Lining. This lining makes the inside of the boots feel more like trainers which will really come in handy on those days where you’re on your feet the whole time. The lining also features perspiration wicking technology, which will regulate the temperature of your feet too – stopping them from getting too warm or hot. Steel Blue also have their own patented Ortho Rebound Footbed in the base of the boot which aims to combat foot fatigue. This is made from Polyurethane and retains its shape and thickness to ensure support along the whole foot. The boots combine all of this with strategically placed Poron pads in the sole under your foot’s peak stress areas as the finishing touch to how comfortable they are. 

Overall, it is mainly this comfort and zip feature that help these boots stand out from the crowd. They just feel easy to wear and look good at the same time. The tan colour and overall design make them appear smart, which is always a plus when meeting new customers, and the company do also offer similarly comfortable accompanying socks. Bravo, Steel Blue! 

For more information on Steel Blue’s range of boots and to see which certified dealers are near you, click here.

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UK & Ireland Area Manager, of Steel Blue, John Cooper spoke with us here at Professional Builder recently for the Professional Builder Podcast. In his interview, he explains the pedigree of the brand, the importance of choosing the right footwear solution, and what Steel Blue can offer the trades. You can listen to the full episode (which also shines a spotlight on mental health in the industry) below or using your usual podcast platform.


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