Banish inferior fixings with the SX Plus from fischer

Banish inferior fixings with the SX Plus from fischer

fischer talks its new SX Plus nylon plugs that aim to change the game

The UK market for wall plugs or rawl plugs has been stuck with plastic, coloured fixings for decades. We are one of the last countries in the northern hemisphere still relying on these little pieces of brightly coloured plastic to hang our shelves, fix up our shower screens and shower, hold our electrical installations, fix wiring, lights and basically hold anything we could ever hope for. Unfortunately, regularly in vain…

If you speak to any trady, 9/10 will say they are rubbish! They crack, they shrink over time, they spin in the hole and they never really take a screw properly (without completely crumbling at least) One thing for sure they definitely don’t work for long or take any weight to remove them.

So why does the UK continue to use these little plastic terrors? If you think we don’t, we can guarantee you they will be in 99% of your homes and 99% of builders vans! We all know they don’t work but they are cheap…right?

Do we still want cheap fixings in our walls? That at the tug of a curtain or a pull shelf the whole thing comes tumbling down. A fixing that then leave a huge hole in our pristine plasterboard walls. A fixing, that over time see’s our curtain poles slowly sliding out of the wall. Or that one day, when we all inevitably slip in the shower and see our shower screen clattering to the floor with a bang. Maybe we do…?

fischer has taken this on board and have developed a new version of the SX plug. The SX Plus. This plug has some great features to it but, best of all, it’s about the same price as all those red, yellow and brown plugs!

Hold firm

SX Plus is a nylon plug, that won’t shrink over time, won’t go brittle and snap, won’t turn in the hole and will actually hold up to 65kg in concrete, 35kg in brick and 20kg in breeze block using the same size as your common 6mm red plug. Even the version that directly corresponds to the yellow plastic plug will hold up to 27kg per fixing in brick.

The plug itself has some clever new features too. The new tip design prevents over tightening, pronounced ribs along the side of the plug to stop rotation, a lipped edge stops the plug disappearing down the drill hole and 4-way expansion to increase the loads that each of these, new style, reds, yellows and browns will take.


The special wings of the SX Plus fix the screw in place by simply inserting it. As soon as the plug is inserted, the fixing wings are pressed inwards, causing the screw to lock and be held in place, perfect for overhead applications. This means when installing over head to fix a light, around 4kg of weight before you tighten the fixings, you no longer need to continually hold the screw in place. When  when you need both hands free to level a shelf you can rely on the screw clicking into these wings for a lightweight hold.

fischer have redesigned a classic to increase the installation speed, increase the load bearing capacity and to generally make installation as simple as possible. However, we feel the most important target of this product, is to finally rid the UK of the worst fixings you could ever hope to not see in your home or van.

With the SX Plus its finally time to ditch the colour code, plastic nonsense and move to a cheap nylon alternative that actually does the job we all wanted the reds, yellow and browns to do.

For further information on the SX Plus nylon plug from fischer fixings visit Expansion plug SX – fischer fixings.

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