Ronseal Takes the Floor

Ronseal Takes the Floor

Ronseal can take the heat in the kitchen and much more besides, explains Trade Product Manager Mark Pereira.

The kitchen is the beating heart of any home and now more than ever, consumers are looking to create visually appealing open plan spaces that blend kitchens into dining areas and outdoor spaces. But as the trend for larger, more versatile areas grows, the requirements for the flooring in them have also evolved and, alongside creating a cohesive finish that unites different sections of the room, kitchen flooring needs to remain practical and hard wearing to stand the strains of everyday family life.

To this end wooden floors are an increasingly popular choice for these kitchen diners, helping to bring a modern, natural and timeless appeal. However, as all tradespeople know, for wooden floors to be durable, it’s essential that they are professionally treated to make them resistant to the inevitable spills, stains and footfall.

One product which has been developed to meet all these requirements is our own Trade Ultra Tough Floor Vanish, which provides long term protection, whilst highlighting the natural characteristics of wooden floors.

We recommend it for use on all interior flooring materials such as hardwood, strip block and mosaic flooring and soft boarding as well as cork, untempered hardboard, chipboard and wood composites. It also offers fast drying and first class resistance to abrasion and chemical-based cleaning products.

For any other interior wood (excluding floors) a Trade Polyurethane Hardglaze Varnish will protect against knocks, scuffs and scratches as well as chemicals, water and heat making it ideal for hard wear areas. The solvent based formula forms a tough seal and is resistant to boiling water and alcohol.

A three coat application will typically provide a high gloss finish, whilst the Satincoat and Mattcoat variations give an equivalent performance where a non-gloss finish is required. This traditional polyurethane varnish can be recoated in six hours and provides a mellow finish to highlight the natural appearance of wood. It comes in a clear finish for subtlety, and a tough finish for long lasting protection.

The Ronseal brand has established itself as a key player in trade channels and we are using that vast end user knowledge to supply cutting edge products, packaged and formulated exactly to their needs. We are delighted to be the first BBA certified trade woodcare range, an important certification which offers tradespeople added quality assurance from an independent body.

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