Rated People: Could You Be Saving Money?

Rated People: Could You Be Saving Money?

Real tradesperson, Danny from Astrid Building Services, proves that Rated People’s annual plan is value for money by saving over £200 in one day.

Rated People, the UK’s number 1 online marketplace that connects homeowners with tradespeople, is the first in the industry to provide additional value on its annual membership plan for tradespeople with the introduction of member benefits premium.

Rated People are able to leverage their position as the largest player in the industry with over 50,000 tradespeople, to negotiate the best deals for their members.

In addition to gaining access to 75,000 job leads a month, tradespeople who take out or upgrade to an annual plan for just £150 a year will now have access to member benefits premium, an exclusive benefits package made up of over 190 offers discounts on trade and lifestyle products and services.

Rated People claim that tradespeople can make back the annual plan fee in one day and have released a marketing campaign to prove it. The campaign, which kicks off on the 3rd January 2017, follows tradesman Danny for one day as he goes about his daily business.

Speaking about the campaign, Danny Allen, owner of Astrid Building Services says ‘I had some doubt at the start whether I could make as many savings as Rated People claimed with the annual plan, but I found amazing business and personal benefits which mounted up to some really good savings, even in just one day.

‘I made the £150 I paid for membership back instantly with the phone insurance benefit which is worth £179, not to mention the rest of the savings I make on everyday items and business necessities.

“This is in addition to the value of work sourced from the job leads I get. It’s definitely worth taking out a membership with Rated People for the benefits alone.’

Nihal Pekbeken, Rated People CMO says: ‘We are proud to be the first in the industry to offer benefits of this nature as part of our annual plan. Our tradespeople want value for money so this is our way of ensuring that they are getting value even if they are too busy and don’t need the job leads – our marketing campaign reflects this value. Our tradespeople are testing savings out for themselves. And their testimony is what matters.’

Over 3,000 Rated People tradespeople have already signed up to member benefits premium with a further 120 signing up each week. So far, more than a third have taken advantage of the benefits, saving over £200k so far – that’s over £200 per customer and growing!

The most popular benefits include:
– Fuel card (save up to 5p a litre)
– Mobile phone insurance (worth £179)
– Merchant discount (up to 40% off)
– Tastecard (worth £79.99, up to 50% off your food bill)

Other tradespeople currently on the plan include Gregg Barnaby, who’s been using the benefits since September and says: ‘I’ve redeemed a few. I took the kids to Legoland about a month ago. I’ve got the free Tastecard as well and have used the fuel card for cheaper fuel.’

Click here to watch the video and to find out more about member benefits premium.

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