Protect your tools from thieves with Van Grille Pro

Protect your tools from thieves with Van Grille Pro

How the Van Grille Pro can help protect you from tool theft.

Reports of vehicle crime are on the rise, with commercial vans presenting particularly attractive targets. The average criminal can take a matter of minutes – even seconds – to break into trade vans. Common techniques include drilling out locks and the ‘peel and steal’ technique, where the sliding door is wrenched apart with brute force.

These break-ins are a concern for tradespeople where theft directly impacts on their livelihoods. Victims are not only required to foot the cost of stolen tools, they will also need to pay for damage to their van. While the vehicle undergoes repairs and the tradesperson purchases replacement tools to be able to continue their work, valuable time for business is lost.

There are many ways to deter criminals and prevent tool theft from commercial vans. These include CCTV, perimeter alarms, stronger locking systems and many more. Security and cooling systems manufacturer CrossGuard has teamed up with supplier and installer of security products, DRS Garage Doors to launch a new solution in Van Grille Pro.

Van Grille Pro is a security grille system that can be installed into a van’s side and rear doors to prevent and deter thieves. The retractable security grilles used are resistant to a wide range of tools, including pry bars, screwdrivers, wrench knives, glass cutters and pliers. By increasing the attack time required, these grilles deter thieves from attempting to steal your tools. Attacking the grilles also creates a lot of noise, which is not desirable for thieves, as the risk of getting caught is higher.

“The security grilles were originally designed for building security to guard doors and windows,” explains Carl Heseltine from CrossGuard, “while also presenting a visual deterrent to potential thieves. Broadening the application of our grilles to secure vans seems like a natural progression – they offer a great way to keep vans secure. I previously worked within a similar role to the average tradesperson, using a commercial van to transport equipment necessary to perform my job.

“I know from experience that unloading and loading a van every day to avoid having equipment stolen is a massive inconvenience, which costs time and effort. If Van Grille Pro had been available at this time, I would have gladly utilised the solution, so I’d have peace of mind to leave equipment in my van.” The Van Grille Pro system includes a warning label which acts as a visual deterrent to potential burglars. This label can stop the criminal even attempting theft in the first place, meaning there is no need for the tradesperson to pay for the damage or replacement of van doors.

The security grilles are available in a variety of colours and are a very aesthetically pleasing solution to securing vans. They include a 2-point lock and slam post for enhanced security, where the grille is locked simply by sliding it from the open to the closed position. The key is only required to unlock the grille – making it simple and hassle-free.

James Salt, DRS Garage Doors, adds: “We came up with the idea for Van Grille Pro after a client came to us asking for a roller shutter to be installed into one of their vans. We looked into this solution and agreed a sliding security grille would be much better. Considering all the benefits of a grille system and a successful install of a prototype, we decided to implement grilles into our own vehicles. Next to alarm systems, we believe Van Grille Pro to be the best solution on the market to protect against tool theft.”

Installing grilles as opposed to roller shutters into commercial vans offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Minimal impact on van weight restrictions – lightweight grilles
  • Minimal opening restrictions – grilles retract and are small and compact
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic locking mechanism with a one motion slide

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