Planning security into your builds

Planning security into your builds

Stephen Roberts, marketing manager for Yale UK, explains the importance of planning security into your build project, as well as the variety of products currently available on the market, including smart tech.

When it comes to home improvements, extensions and renovation projects, there are many elements of the build which need to be taken into consideration throughout the planning process, one key component is security and protection of the home.

When homeowners choose to extend their home, make improvements or renovate, the changes to the security of the property can often be overlooked. In recent years there have been changes to the tactics burglars are taking to attack homes, with methods becoming much more sophisticated, and so it’s essential to ensure preventative measures are in place and security fixtures have been installed.

For home improvements, such as conservatories, it’s essential to consider the material which is being used. Normally, conservatory structures are assembled from timber, aluminium or PVCu. It’s important to assess the quality of the product, looking at the security features of the doors and windows, as this can make a significant difference to the overall security of the build.

Lock it up

For most burglars, the first line of defence they are usually faced with is the front door. However, it’s important to ensure any new entrance to the home, including a new door – or windows at the back of the house – are securely protected. High quality locks for both doors and windows, will help to ensure a more secure and safer living space.

The main standards which need to be considered include: BS3621, PAS24:2016 and TS007:2014. BS3621 is one of the most well-known standards in the industry, and is the minimum performance required on locks and cylinders on external doors acceptable to home insurers. To achieve this standard, the lock must be able to be dead-locked and still remain secure.

When planning the security of a new home improvement project, using products which are British Kitemarked can ensure compliant security levels for the property and ensure industry standards are met. Depending on the type of home improvement project, and how it could affect the access to the house, different lock standards need to be considered.

The PAS24:2016 is the minimum standard specifically for doors and windows security; the test is independently carried out on a whole door-set or window. Technical standard TS007:2014 is designed to protect against all common cylinder attack methods. Products are required to undergo rigorous testing to achieve the 3-star accreditation.

Installation of Yale Alarm

Consider a smart home

For consumers who require a new door as part of their home improvement project, the type of locking system they require will need to fit and suit not only the style of the property, but also the homeowner’s lifestyle. Since 2017 there has been 27 per cent increase in the number of consumers introducing smart technology into their homes.

Smart locks currently available in the Yale Smart Living range include the Yale Keyless and Yale Conexis L1. The Yale Keyless smart lock has been designed to fit 60mm night-latches and is the ideal product to offer customers who are renovating and are interested in incorporating smart technology into their traditional locks.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has recognised the changing trends and the shift consumers are making towards smart security and as a result, the BSI has adopted a locking standard known as the TS621:2018. Conexis L1 Smart Lock has become the first ever smart lock to meet TS621:2018 and be British Kitemark approved, making it an unrivalled product within the current smart lock market.

Raise the alarm

For any building project where the home is being extended, or an outbuilding is being constructed, it’s important to ensure a current house alarm can be extended to cover the additional space. That’s why products in the Smart Living range are designed to protect all sizes and types of properties.

The products include an advanced smart alarm system that is controlled with Yale’s home app, and even a smart CCTV system that livestreams to a mobile device. These devices are great additions to traditional security devices. Products such as the Yale sync alarm and Yale Intruder alarm, offer up to a 200m range of cover, and are perfect for protecting a home which has had an extension or additional space added to the property, such as summer houses, outbuildings or sheds.



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