Origin talks home improvement

Origin talks home improvement

Victoria Brocklesby, COO at Origin, the UK’s leading manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors talks home improvement

2024 is gearing up to be an exciting year for home renovations. After navigating a tumultuous housing market marked by unpredictable fluctuations in mortgage interest rates in 2023, homeowners are now leaning towards enhancing their existing properties to align with their current and future needs. This trend of renovation over relocation is becoming more prevalent as people seek cost-effective and certain solutions in the face of market uncertainties.

Alongside practical financial considerations, the escalating energy costs and impending changes to building regulations, especially with the Future Homes Standard set to take effect in 2025, are placing a heightened emphasis on thermal efficiency. Homeowners and property developers are increasingly mindful of energy consumption, making it a key factor in renovation and development plans.

Where’s the hotspot for renovations?

While the ‘don’t move, improve’ ethos is expected to be widespread across the UK, London is poised to be the epicentre of the renovation boom. The city accounted for a significant 14% of all granted planning applications nationwide last year. Following closely were Surrey and Greater Manchester, each holding a 4% share, solidifying their positions as prominent renovation hubs.

However, despite London’s dominance, it’s worth noting that the capital has one of the lowest application success rates at 81%. Greater success for approvals for planned projects can be found in Hampshire, boasting an impressive 95% approval rate, or Gloucestershire, where 93% of plans receive the green light.

What renovations are on the horizon? 

As more homeowners choose to enhance their existing properties, 2024 could witness a surge in unconventional planning requests. From unique projects like a Leeds United Football Club enthusiast expanding their Yorkshire home to accommodate a football memorabilia collection, to more practical adaptations, such as dividing floorplans for increased functionality, renovators are seeking creative solutions to better utilise their existing spaces.

The significance of thermal efficiency 

In the realm of thermal efficiency, Origin is at the forefront of guiding professionals and homeowners. Our team recommends optimal glazing products for home renovations, prioritising practicality, aesthetics, and quality. Anticipating the Future Homes Standard, set to be enforced in 2025, and understanding the homeowner’s desire to upgrade glazing for energy efficiency, Origin’s in-house R&D team has developed a suite of new products. This range will not only deliver on thermal requirements, but will also feature cutting-edge design, aesthetics, and performance tailored to market demands.

Key takeaways 

As we reflect on the challenges of 2023 and the uncertainties in the housing market, it’s clear that homeowners are reevaluating their priorities. While some still aim to move when the time is right, the majority are focusing on improving their current properties to better suit their needs. Builders play a crucial role in helping homeowners achieve their renovation goals. Despite market uncertainties, these trends signal a positive outlook for the country’s future.

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