Master Builder Awards 2019: the New Home category

Master Builder Awards 2019: the New Home category

We take a closer look at two highly-commended nominations for the 2019 Master Builder Awards in the best ‘New Home’ category.

The Master Builder Awards celebrate the incredible achievements of Master Builders, showcasing examples from across the UK of high-quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service and building excellence. Now in its 14th year, the awards help to recognise the significant contribution that small and medium-sized (SME) construction firms make to the industry.

Yorkshire-based Wizard Builders took on a new build contract worth £100,000 with the remit of delivering an accessible retirement home, accommodating busy family life and grandchildren. Located in a paddock next to their former home, the couple’s dream house was situated on the main entrance into the village. It was essential therefore to create a sense of place with the build, using the correct materials and design in order to keep the dwelling in line with the community’s aesthetics. In fact, the scheme was the first of its kind in the village. Never before had such a scheme been accepted under the local authority’s new planning policy, which aims to support small scale and organic housing growth.

Wizard Builders worked their magic to produce a warm, light and stunning property, inside and out. It is not only a perfect home for the couple, but the spacious rooms and accessibility make it a hub for the wider family.

2017’s Master Builder Award overall and New Home Project winner, John Dynes & Son, saw success again this year, receiving highly-commended recognition for their £580,000 new home project at the Northern Ireland Master Builder Awards. Tiered over five levels, the clever design is a traditional build with an abundance of natural light to produce a modern and elegant dwelling.

Judges recognised how John Dynes & Son overcame significant obstacles to produce their client’s dream home, including the need to drop the site levels by 1.4 metres meaning that 2,000m3 of rock was broken out and removed. Furthermore, with floor to ceiling windows, it was a challenge to source, transport and fit glass to meet the dimensions required. However, the biggest challenge was that throughout the project the client changed their mind about internal and external design features. This included changing the design of the fireplace, which necessitated cutting through 200mm concrete slabs without causing any damage. Finally, the client also asked that the exterior cladding be changed quite late into the build, posing a significant problem for the team, as the new slate stone needed to be trimmed down on site from 200mm to the desired 35mm.

The team were able to overcome these challenges through consistent communication with the client. Throughout the construction period, the client always expected the Managing Director to be at the end of a phone – at night and at weekends – to provide advice, expertise and reassurance when queries arose. John Dynes & Son successfully delivered this special project exactly to the client’s specifications, and the result is a master class in spacious and stylish living, and a modern interpretation of a place and space for enhanced living.

From new residential homes to major commercial developments, Master Builders help to build a better future for the UK every year and the awards provide an opportunity for FMB members to showcase their excellent work.


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