Making repairing pipework easy with Arctic Hayes

Making repairing pipework easy with Arctic Hayes

Repairing pipework can mean hours spent draining down an entire plumbing system. Professional Builder gets to grips with Arctic Hayes’ Pipe Freeze out on site.  

Arctic Hayes’ Pipe Freeze kits have been trusted by professionals for 57 years, since its original patent in 1966, seemingly a winning year for pipework as well as the England football team! The company says its Pipe Freeze kits can reduce job time by an average of 85 per cent, based on a two-hour drain down and refill while on a standard 15mm copper pipe, the Professional Pipe Freeze kit can also freeze pipes in just one minute.  

The easy-to-apply Freeze Spray forms a temporary ice plug in the pipe so that work can be carried out with a minimum of disruption. There is no need to locate a stop-cock or service valve and it also reduces the potential for water spillage and property damage. There are three different types of kit in the range; ‘Aero’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Electric’, with each kit catering for a range of pipe sizes and a number of applications. The kits are simple to use and can freeze pipes in just a few simple steps.   

Step by Step 

Step One 

Set up involves switching off the pump to ensure the water is not flowing and closing any valves. The system temperature should be cool, ideally below 20 degrees Celsius. 

Step Two 

Attach the freezing jacket to the pipe, ensuring it’s as secure as possible. 

Fit the cable ties provided to each end and tighten.  

Step Three 

Make a small incision in the top. Take the can of Pipe Freeze and add the nozzle to the can and you’re ready to go. 

Step Four 

Insert the pipe into the jacket and spray for around 10 seconds. Leave for a few seconds to avoid any flooding in the jacket (you’ll see refrigerant leaking out the jacket if you spray too much). Repeat until you have used the dose indicated on the side of the can or you hear the click sound, which indicates the ice plug has formed. Wait a further five minutes, or 10 minutes if the pipe is plastic. 

Step Five 

Now you can safely carry out your job with no need to drain down. Pipe freezing reduces your total job time by up to 85% on average. 

Step Six 

When you’re finished, it’s time to remove the pipe-freezing jacket. Cut the cable ties off and remove the jacket. Always allow the jacket to defrost and dry before packing away. This will help prolong the life of the jackets.   

There are three different types of kit in the range; ‘Aero’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Electric’. Each kit caters for a range of pipe sizes and number of applications. Choosing the right one for the job at hand is easy – Arctic Hayes has a ‘Find Your Freeze’ selector tool on its website to make finding the right Pipe Freeze product even easier.  

The Pipe Freezer ‘Aero’ is a disposable kit featured in this step-by-step guide and contains enough refrigerant to perform one or two freezes on pipework up to 28mm and can be used for jobs such as changing a radiator valve, replacing a stop-cock or other service valves.  

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About Arctic Hayes 

Founded in 2014 following the merger of Hayes UK and Arctic Products – two well-known names in the industry – Arctic Hayes now has over 450 products. The Arctic Hayes, Vortex and Sleepsafe brands are available in over 3,400 merchants and wholesalers. In 2023 the company moved to a brand new, larger headquarters and warehousing facility in Leeds that reflects its growth, strategy and ambition. The expansion also underlines its commitment to supporting the growth of the UK plumbing industry and its large network of merchant customers.  

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