Making quoting simple with Build Aviator

Making quoting simple with Build Aviator

Find out how Build Aviator software could take the procrastination out of pricing.

Most tradespeople don’t enjoy paperwork and this can include quoting – we are always happy to receive or have the chance to price a job, but almost all of us dread the actual pricing. But why?

Because it can be tedious, complex, confusing and time consuming – and what’s more you could get it wrong which could result in either losing the business or under-pricing and costing yourself money. The pressure is on but most of us will still procrastinate and avoid pricing the job at all costs. Suddenly everything becomes more important and we start creating a list of anything and everything we’d rather do. 

When we eventually bite the bullet and sit down to price, we take one look at the plans and wonder where to start. With Build Aviator’s software it’s easy. All you have to do is open the program and follow the simple and intuitive checklist, which uses clear, easy and understandable images and coloured boxes to guide you.

Without computer software, often pricing has to have some form of ‘estimating’, as you have no choice – who else is going to work out the calculations? You could not manually or accurately calculate every bit of sand or fixing that is required for a build. However, Build Aviator’s software does all the hard work for you and produces professional and detailed reports ready to pass to your client.

Every enquiry costs money, from marketing to site visits to the time it takes to price the job – it’s not a cheap operation. What’s more, you want to win every job and ensure you give it your best shot. The dreaded fear every builder faces: will I lose the job? Have I priced too high? The voice in your head answers yes and when the client calls and gives the news that you have won the job, you automatically wonder: have I left anything out? 

There is the constant worry, wondering whether you’re making enough profit, if any on each stage of the job. For example, concrete is poured and you hand the £8,000 invoice – did you allow enough in your quote to the client? If you price manually, it is often difficult to keep a handle on knowing how much you priced.

That’s where estimating software or services can help. Not just keeping you organised –  but keeping your sanity too!

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