KNIPEX launches its new plumbing innovations

KNIPEX launches its new plumbing innovations

Attention, all plumbing and heating engineers!

KNIPEX is presenting its new 2022 products in a video now available to view online.

The YouTube video, filmed at the KNIPEX HQ in Wuppertal, Germany and on location in the UK, runs through the key tool innovations designed to save installers time, money and effort when carrying out their work. The new tools featured include:

KNIPEX TubiX® Pipe cutter: 90 31 02

KNIPEX TubiX® XL Pipe cutter: 90 31 03 BK

KNIPEX BiX® Cutter for plastic pipes and sealing sleeves: 90 22 10 BK

KNIPEX DP50: 90 23 01 BK

Protective jaws: 87 09 180 V01 / 87 09 250 V01 / 87 09 300 V01

For more details and to view the video visit

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