Klober Answers Your Roofing FAQs

Klober Answers Your Roofing FAQs

In the first of a new FAQ series, Graham Copson, Technical Manager of Klober, takes us through some of the more common queries received by the company’s technical department.

Are roofing membranes bat friendly?

Pictured: a bat

It depends on what the membranes are made of. When made from spun-bonded fleece materials, they’re not suitable where bat colonies may be present as the bats’ claws become entangled in them as they move across the membrane.

Does Permo extreme need supporting?

Yes: Permo extreme will need supporting in the roof structure regardless of application. It is recommended that the membrane is laid directly on top of 12mm OSB or plyboard, then counter-battened. When installing the counter battens, Butylon tape should be used to seal any nail penetrations as per Klober fitting instructions (available from http://klober.co.uk/shop/product/permo-extreme-rs-sk2).

Can standard PVC tile vents be used to ventilate a boiler?

Absolutely not. The potentially high temperatures of flue gases could compromise tile vent product performance, and, in extreme cases, could lead to failure and even catastrophic obstruction of the flue.

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