Introducing Fasserend timber frame

Introducing Fasserend timber frame

Q&A with Fassa Bortolo, which has brought its Fassarend timber frame system to the UK market.

Tell us about the Fassarend timber frame system and how it fits into your existing product range?

Fassa Bortolo is already a leading name in render solutions. Our Fassarend and Fassatherm systems are designed to adhere well to masonry, for instance, and can easily be applied in a matter of days. Single application products such as Fassacouche however, only require one coat, helping to keep both material and labour costs down as they are quick to apply. Our new Timber Frame System requires expert knowledge and more time to mechanically fix to the shell and apply all its components.

So what does installation involve?

It’s actually a four-stage installation process with the added benefit on or off site construction. Light-weight carrier boards are mechanically fixed onto wooden battens and finished with a thin coat render, but there’s also a number of other features that builders will welcome. A drained cavity behind the render carrier board allows the components to breath from behind, for example, and drain any moisture caused by condensation.

Its lightness and versatility makes it easy to use and, once the project reaches its final stages, Fassa’s high quality render can be applied either by hand or by machine.

What about the all important thermal performance?

Whilst the system already offers good insulation properties, there is an extra option to incorporate a mechanical EWI rail system should the project require extra insulation, in the form of mineral wool or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). As with all Fassa products, this added solution delivers a striking design aesthetic and is available in a large range of colour options. The final finish will stand the test of time against many factors that could damage or discolour the exterior, keeping the surface facade looking its best for many years to come, involving very little maintenance. The Fassarend timber frame system has been third party certified by KIWA.

What range of colours is available in Fassa renders and which are the most popular?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to coloured renders. We’re proud to offer our Fassatherm and Fassarend systems in 365 colours as standard, but we have also invested heavily in our distributors, purchasing a number of tinting machines, so they are able to colour match renders to existing RAL shades in store. This innovative technology allows suppliers to offer a solution to any project where colour is particular to customers. In most cases, the chosen colours tend to be more natural.

If a builder was to need some training what would you recommend?

We offer a number of training days at our HQ in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Delivered over a number of days, we open our facility to housebuilders, renderers, architects and specifiers to help them understand our portfolio of systems. The days are made up of workshops with our on-site demonstrator, seminars and an introduction to our core systems and latest products. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions and you can give our products go for yourself to see how they handle. These events are completely free to attend.

We also run roadshows across the year up and down the UK where we will be showcasing the core Fassa render systems and running live demos. Visit the website for more info on the upcoming venue dates.

For those developers and builders unaware of the Fassa Bortolo brand, can you tell us a little about the business and its history?

Fassa Bortolo is one of the leading Italian manufacturers of renders and integrated building systems. Succeeding over 300 years of manufacturing, the company has grown to open a number of distribution units across Europe including the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. With a firm set of values, Fassa prides itself on unrivalled product quality, its commitment to research and ethical quarrying.








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