Fassarend timber frame available in UK

Fassarend timber frame available in UK

Italian manufacturer Fassa Bortolo has brought its Fassarend timber frame system to the UK market.

With a four-stage installation process, the timber frame system can be used across a range of residential and commercial projects and has the added benefit of on- or off-site construction. Using light-weight carrier boards, mechanically fixed onto wooden battens and finished with a thin coat render; this new system delivers a range of features.

A drained cavity behind the render carrier board allows the components to breath from behind and drain any moisture caused by condensation. The system can be easily installed due to its lightness and versatility of use. It can be part applied to a timber frame structure off site for accuracy and tolerance, with Fassa’s high quality render applied to the facade on site, either by hand or by machine once the project reaches the final stages.

Offering good insulation properties, there is an extra option to incorporate a mechanical EWI rail system should the project require extra insulation, in the form of mineral wool or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

The system is available in a large range of colours. The pictured shows a newbuild project in Oxfordshire with Greencore Construction, using the Fassarend timber frame system for an eco-friendly solution to traditional build methods that tied in with the external facade of the house.

Fassa Bortolo is an Italian manufacturer of renders and integrated render systems. Building on 300 years of heritage, the company has grown to open a number of distribution units across Europe including the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland.

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