Increase in spending on home renovations

Increase in spending on home renovations

With home-owner spending shifting to focusing on the home and home improvements, many lead generation sites are reporting an influx in enquiries. It has been reported that around 60% of the UK adult population have recently found themselves working from home this year. This, coupled with the stamp duty relief has undoubtedly been a motivating factor in people either deciding to move, possibly to gain extra home office space, or deciding to remodel the property they are currently in to gain more space.

A great way to reclaim usable space and revitalise room layouts is to install an ECLISSE pocket door. Traditional hinged doors have a ‘dead zone’, the arc of space required to swing open a door. This is space that cannot be used. Because pocket doors are top hung and the door slides back into a pocket in the wall, they increase usable space and open up possibilities for alternative layouts. By using pocket doors instead of hinged doors, it is possible to gain up to 8 sqm of usable space in a 100 sqm layout.

There are many areas within a property that can benefit from pocket doors. Replacing double hinged doors between two living areas with an ECLISSE double pocket door system is a popular and cost-effective way to maximise space in a property whilst still allowing the open plan space to be opened

up and closed off as required. This could be between a kitchen and dining area or a living room and dining room and is a useful addition if the dining room table is currently working as a home-office.

ECLISSE Glass Pocket Doors have always been a popular choice for ensuites because it enables more sanitaryware to be fitted in the same amount of floorspace without moving walls and also maximises natural light. The layout of a bedroom can also be improved by replacing a hinged door with an ECLISSE Single Pocket Door System. It is a perfect way of creating more usable floor space to allow more furniture to be added.

One way to gain more light and more space for a home-office is to consider replacing a traditional hinged door with an ECLISSE Glass Pocket Door. This can have a significant impact on a home-office allowing the home owner to fit a larger desk, to add more storage or even to change the layout so they can face the window.

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