How parex registered applicator schemes are helping the industry

How parex registered applicator schemes are helping the industry

Parex is helping the industry to build better with its registered applicator schemes.

Human error can occur at any time but in the construction industry, mistakes cost time and money, with one small error potentially having a domino effect impacting other trades in a project timeline. Products that have been tried and tested for years that lead to building defects are often a result of poor installation and workmanship. It’s why manufacturers of building products have established registered applicator schemes in order to provide comprehensive training to contractors using their products and can play a part in quality control and the minimisation of defects.

Concerns around building quality and competency have increased in recent years and have led to calls for a widespread culture change across the construction sector. Construction is an industry where so many processes and personnel quality standards must be set to ensure the project is completed and all stakeholders are satisfied with the end result. The ever-widening skills shortage has fuelled this issue, which is why skilful and knowledgeable contractors who are dedicated to quality have become so sought after.

Architects and their clients want to be sure that they are getting the best of everything – from specification advice to product information; service to installation – when selecting products. To minimise the risk of failure as much as possible some manufacturers have introduced a registered applicator scheme which can raise installation standards through training of site operatives and conduct to ensure recommended contractors deliver a quality installation competitively.

Through the implementation of a registered applicator scheme, builders can not only be sure of excellent standards of materials and workmanship, they can be sure that the product specified will not let them down. As a market leader for rendered façade systems, Parex is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards, and it begins with training. For applicators, a highly trained team produces a better-quality render application and will reduce the risk of costly rework.

To ensure integrity, entry to the Parex scheme for contractors is stringent, with only the most skilled and reliable companies achieving accreditation. Registered contractors must be able to provide evidence of a stable trading history, a quality policy or system, good project references and a commitment to health and safety and the environment. In addition to this, companies must comply with all relevant British Standards, hold appropriate insurance cover and be VAT registered.

To become a registered applicator, all applicants must be assessed via site classroom training, or a toolbox talk which offers training in the features, benefits, and methods of application for the manufacturer’s products in a real-world environment. On successful approval, contractors will then be able to join its Applicator Company Register and be a registered installer of render systems, including Parextherm, Parexdirect and one coat renders such as Monorex.

Parex also offers a warranty system, so if a client wants a warranty of a current render system, it has strict guidelines of how it is obtained. If necessary, the company will carry out pre-inspection of the building followed up with ‘during’ and ‘post’ inspections of the installation. Subject to approval and acceptance, the company is then able to offer this warranty to the registered applicator. Furthermore, Parex invests a considerable sum each year so that its products and systems can undergo rigorous quality control and third-party testing.

Creating and retaining a culture of quality across the construction sector is one of the most important issues facing the industry today. A registered applicator scheme is one way for manufacturers to help promote quality on projects and can play a part in developing a better skilled workforce. With the excellent quality of materials guaranteed by the render systems supplier, and the installation guaranteed by the registered applicator, specifiers and their clients will have increased confidence in the work being carried out professionally and to the highest standard.

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