HETAS discusses alternative fuel and seizing opportunities

HETAS discusses alternative fuel and seizing opportunities

Calvin May, Head of Technical Services at HETAS, discusses the changing trend in consumer behaviours towards alternative fuel options and outlines how installers can seize the opportunities through training.

As the cost of living continues to soar, and the colder weather feels as though it’s just around the corner, many homeowners are already starting to think about the cost-saving and energy-efficient ways to heat their home this winter. With the impending surge just around the corner, it’s essential for installers to be fully equipped to accommodate this shift. This presents the perfect opportunity to explore certification in solid fuel, biomass heating and installation.

“Traditional home heating is becoming increasingly expensive, and as result many are looking to alternative means, such as wood burning stoves or pellet stoves in their homes. Over the past year, we’ve seen interest in alternative methods skyrocket, with visits to our website reaching unprecedented levels last winter. Trust in tried and tested heating methods is plummeting as the costs continue to soar, therefore, many homeowners are looking to become more self-sufficient when it comes to heating, while also saving on their energy bills in the process. 

With more and more people turning to alternative heating methods, there is no better time for installers to widen their remit and get equipped with the knowledge to help more customers  

Reducing reliance

“Wood burning stoves work well for homeowners looking to focus on heating certain areas of the home, with full heating systems also available. This could reduce overall fuel consumption and thus help homeowners save on general heating costs. Part home or room heating can be achieved with a wood or pellet-burning appliance, whilst at the same time reducing a reliance on fossil fuels.  

“Installers play a pivotal role in recommending the best products for their customers’ needs and can search a range of HETAS Cleaner Choice appliances to select the best product for their needs. The independently certified appliances approved by the scheme must achieve at least a 50% improvement on current particulate limits and have a lower level of particulate emissions than even the most stringent Clean Air legislation requires. This gives installers the peace of mind that they are recommending the best available technology which meets their customers’ needs and concerns, whilst also promoting the environmentally responsible burning of fuels”. 

As the energy landscape rapidly evolves many heating engineers and installers are recognising the importance of extending their offerings to meet these evolving demands. 

Keen to equip installers and technicians with the correct training that aligns with the latest industry standards and legislation, HETAS has approved training centres across the breadth of the UK. The latest centre to join its network of industry leading training venues is the Mr Soot Training Centre based in Wigan, Greater Manchester.  

The new centre joins 14 existing training facilities which all specialise in a range of training courses, business workshops and seminars for sole traders, micro businesses and SMEs.

Renowned for its commitment to providing quality training and certification schemes to professionals, HETAS aims to ensure that technicians across the country have access to exceptional training opportunities that foster industry excellence.

All 15 HETAS accredited training centres across England, Scotland and Wales offer comprehensive courses led by expert trainers and assessors. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including appliance installation, maintenance and servicing, as well as the newly introduced chimney sweeping course. 

With more and more people turning to alternative heating methods, there is no better time for installers to widen their remit and get equipped with the knowledge to help more customers. 

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