Graham Plumbers’ Merchant stocks PipeSnug

Graham Plumbers’ Merchant stocks PipeSnug

Leading plumbers’ merchant Graham has announced it is stocking PipeSnug and FlueSnug in all of its stores nationwide. The announcement widens the availability of the neat pipe and flue sealing products which take seconds to install and provide an instant, aesthetically pleasing, weather and draught proof seal where pipes and flues exit a wall.

“We pride ourselves on supplying the trade with innovative plumbing and heating solutions and PipeSnug and FlueSnug are innovations which save time, mess and cost for plumbing and heating installers,” explains Graham’s Product Manager.

“We are delighted Graham is stocking our products and this is more great news for our product range, following the recent endorsements by boiler manufacturers Ideal Heating and Worcester Bosch,” says Alex Lever, Director of PipeSnug. “The PipeSnug range will be featuring in the Graham Essentials catalogue and we will be working with the Graham team on future promotions.”

PipeSnug simply fits into the hole drilled for the pipework and comes in 32mm, 40mm or 110mm sizes, removing any need for pointing. Its big brother, FlueSnug, can be installed in less than five seconds and snuggly fits the 152mm core-drilled hole in the wall through which the boiler pipe and flue exits. The product can be used both inside and outside the property for the best finish and prevents heat escaping and acts as a barrier to drafts, damp, insects and pests.

FlueSnug also allows installers to quickly access the pipe and flue for any service or maintenance requirements, without the need to remove existing brickwork, mortar or sealant, saving even more time and cost for installers and their customers. You can then refit the existing FlueSnug meaning you do not have to buy another one.

Another added benefit of the 110mm PipeSnug and the FlueSnug is that they can be installed at height, without the need for ladders or scaffolding. That is because the products are flexible enough to be pushed through the hole meant for the pipework, saving even more time and fuss.

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